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February 2016



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Valerie andkvaadk wrote
on August 29th, 2006 at 11:35 pm

Involvement with people of minorities?
I'm not at all sure... Wait. Never mind.

I journaled a bit about an aspect of this a while back. I never do tags right, but it's at http://kvaadk.livejournal.com/#entry_23257
(Ignore the part about bikers.)

I often write black heroines, because, well, look at the userpic.
This lead to three cases of illustrations not matching the stories at a gaming site for which I write.
In the first case, while I thought the character's ethnicity was clear, the artist understood "dark" to mean Mexican/Italian.
In the second case I went out of my way to mention her ebony complexion and that her hair was corn rowed. Illustration of another Italian, this one with flowing blonde hair. (The way I got the story on this was the artist had read "corn rows" as "corn colored.") It was fixed before publication.
In the third case the character was white, described as freckled with ash-blonde hair. But by now the art department was used to me. In the original illustration (changed before the story published) she's black.

I would be happy to be involved in any program which encourages people of colors other than beige to write. I teach, so mentoring comes naturally. (Administration does not, however.) I also think it takes little effort -- and may have great effect -- for us as writers to make the choice to write stories with non-white lead characters. Do what we can while waiting for the new crop of writers.

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