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bear by san

February 2017



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bear by san

One marvelously clever thing that was suggested at the "Why is SF so White?" panel, as a means of encouraging more non-white writers into the industry, was a mentoring program. (Liz Scheier, from the audience, also mentioned that she doesn't see nearly enough submissions with non-white protagonists or main characters, and would love to see more.)

The idea being that would-be writers of color could be paired with volunteer authors who would help mentor them.

I am not the person to administrate this. I know this about myself. But I thought it was a good enough idea to be worth sailing out into the zeitgeist.


On who's what: Like many people of Eastern European ancestry (Jewish, Slavic, Baltic, German...), I have some Asian ancestry which doesn't show up in genealogical records. Doesn't show on me, either; does with my maternal grandfather's family.

Hispanics: I've met Mexican-Americans with not just varying admixtures of European and American Indian ancestry, but one who's put Chinese and one who was part Eskimo.

There are people born in Buenos Aires, whose ancestors go back several generations in Argentina, who consider themselves Italian.

Where I grew up, one of the local heroes was Tom Quick the Indian killer. Indians killed his family; he vowed to kill a hundred Indians in revenge. (The story is that he got up to 99, and on his deathbed pleaded for someone to bring him one more Indian.)

About ten years ago, I realized that all of Tom Quick's descendants I'd known were also part Indian.