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bear by san

February 2017



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bear by san

One marvelously clever thing that was suggested at the "Why is SF so White?" panel, as a means of encouraging more non-white writers into the industry, was a mentoring program. (Liz Scheier, from the audience, also mentioned that she doesn't see nearly enough submissions with non-white protagonists or main characters, and would love to see more.)

The idea being that would-be writers of color could be paired with volunteer authors who would help mentor them.

I am not the person to administrate this. I know this about myself. But I thought it was a good enough idea to be worth sailing out into the zeitgeist.


Not quite the same as mentoring, but I'm part of a committe now putting together a series of SF writing workshops for underprivileged (and from what I gather from the organizers, predominantly black) kids in Toronto. It's a bit daunting (I've never had to plan courses on this scale before), but some of the ideas we're pulling together are really interesting.

I'm planning on blogging it as we progress (right now, we're still hammering out course outlines and applying for funding), but it's been really fascinating so far. Starting with our dilemma in trying to figure out how to pick which 20 kids get to try the flagship course, and what criteria we're going to use in choosing them.
...I didn't even know that was going on.

If you need any dogsbodying/grunt work/whatever for it, drop me a line?