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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

reprinted from comments, because the world needs this term:

borntofr4g: (On another note, I now mentally lump Heteronormativity and Default Fantasy Caucasianism into one phenomenon that I call Vanilla Cupcake Syndrome.)



Re: Pam Noles' Essay "Shame"

Pam Noles writes some great stuff about race and SF (including some harsh comments on the new Earthsea movie and how race is handled in anime)

FWIW, she blogs @ http://andweshallmarch.typepad.com/
I don't know if it has a LiveJournal feed.

Re: Pam Noles' Essay "Shame"

Ah, so I wasn't the only one who notices the severe lack of non-Caucasians in anime.

For that matter, they don't seem very plussed with the idea of using non-humanoid characters, either. I mean, what's the most exotic sentient species we've ever seen in anime---the Zentraedi from Robotech? The Japanese lack imagination or social flexibility or summat.

What's weirder is that anime characters have a tendency to look more Anglo than Asian. Whether this is because of a weird form of worship of the originators of animation or a residual fear-worship of Westerners following the 'Shima/'Saki bombings or something entirely different is beyond me, though.

Re: Pam Noles' Essay "Shame"

I heard at least one anime interview where the person (sorry, I don't rmember which animator, not even gender, just that they were of a relatively early generation, and I don't think it was Miyazaki, though part of the context was in fact Disney's purchase and release of the Miyazaki movies in NA) did say that most anime style began with borrowing certain tropes from Disney (Big eyes, small mouths & noses, certain poses & gestures, and, of course, the pale skinned look) -- but that succeeding generations have built on that and taken it to heart as part of Japanese tradition, deny it has anything to do with North America, except in how current North American animators are adopting aspects of Japanese anime style.

Sort of a "They don't know their own history" point.

I do tend to assume that anime characters going to japanese schools, or in stories that use medieval Jpanese tropes, would be played by Japanese actors if they were ever made into live-action versions, and my mental images of them do tend to flex accordingly. (This is less true with fantasy setting characters, my bad.) Though i'd argue very few animators draw realistically enough to presume race as it is.