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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

baby you can drive my car--

Today, my goals are simple: Revise "Orm the Beautiful," think very hard about "Babylon and On," which may also wind up being named "Dark On Wednesday" (It needs more plot than night-golfing vampires, no matter what my backbrain says) and reread the existing New Amsterdam stories

The weekend appears to be devoted to a Ren Faire, museum-going, and dinner with friends, and tonight is Archery Night, so there's no telling how much might actually get done.

In other news, I may not be replete with degrading sex like some people, but the latest Blood & Iron review on Amazon comforts me that I can at least epater the bourgeoisie* every now and again.

That's a nice feeling.

(Actually, I have plenty of degrading sex, thank you very much. It's just mostly not in print yet. Gimme a year.**)

The good news is, my Dad liked it.

* bad French for "scaring the straights." Don't feel bad: I had to get truepenny to explain it to me.

**truepenny wrote all the sex scenes. Why are you looking at me like that? In fact, she also wrote all the icky sex scenes in the book that will soon no longer be named The Stratford Man, and The Journeyman Devil, too.


Really!!! ***

***not really.



That's also funny, 'cause I certainly see *some* things in more or less "good and evil" terms (the fear that someone will link me w/well-known public figures who use those terms overmuch and inappropriately notwithstanding), and think sometimes I do indeed know w/reasonable certainty, that my side is right, and nothing about Blood and Iron made me particularly defensive. Not saying I agreed w/all the philosophy expressed, but . . . ::shrugs:: .

I do want to reread the last 60 pages or so before commenting further, cause by that point I was determined to finish and find out what happened, and there was a lot that really needed thinking over rather than hurrying through.

(Oh, and it will be a positive review; I was gonna not say this and hopefully leave you wondering for a couple of days, assuming I get to it faster than my House of Chains review I talked about doing a month ago, but my conscious got the better of my sense of mischief, dammit.)
I only sweat the Publisher's Weekly and Booklist reviews.

I don't write books so people can agree with them. Hell, if I write books that agree with themselves, I'm doing something wrong. You're cool.