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bear by san

February 2017



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bear by san

Bonus! Cognitive dissonance.

Devo, "The Girl You Want," circa 1980.

Terrible video quality in the clip, but man, check out the audience in the barettes, the granny dresses, and the FREDs, staring down at these boys in their glittery sharkskin suits, skinny ties and LEGO hats, taking the '80's right between the eyes.

That's Science Fiction, right there, boys.


Two things. (1) Hee! (2) Will looking at an audience from today look that strange twenty years from now? Yes. And damn, what a thought. Pulls me right out of my comfortable fantasy that what's now is... everything, and not just another accumulation of weirdness.

I rather feel like I just realized my skirt has been caught up in my nylons in the back and my arse is showing. ;)
((gleefully moons future generations))
It's a moment on the cusp of history. It's like watching early Beatles concert footage, or Ziggy Stardust right at the beginning of the seventies. There's the people on stage, and the audience, and they're standing on opposite sides of a culture gap.

You can see the schism.

I see. I totally missed the original point, then. :)
No, I think your point stands.

Because they both look pretty silly from here. *g*
I amuse myself sometimes by trying to imagine what of our current commonplaces would look insanely dated in fifteen years.

I still have some of my vintage 80s slouchy-bright-colored-socks (the ones we were supposed to wear two or three pairs at once) ...