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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

this is just to say

Greek strained yogurt + Greek sour cherry preserve in syrup = OTP

!!!11!!1!!!111!!!eleventyone!!11!!!!11!!!11!!!!! TRU LUV 4evR!


*& is ded*


*but ded*


I canned about 8 jars of cherries (pitting them is a biiiiitch!) so that we could have them this winter, over yogurt.

Bulgarian food = very, very close to Greek food. *G*
*comes over, with yogurt*
*escorts teh dead E-bear to the table* Watch out for the little one... she's perpetually sticky. ;)
My little old grandmother would have been so proud... That was her absolute favorite breakfast treat in the entire universe. With coffee, of course. And a nice piece of cheese.
And here, I thought you were gonna say something about plums.
One can also find Greek strained yoghurt (or Turkish ditto), spread on a plate, drizzled lightly with olive oil, and strewn with salt flakes, to be mopped up with bread, an ideal starter course. (The bread, for maximal effect, should be home-baked and almost oven-fresh.) Possible additions include a clove of pressed garlic or three and possibly some grated cucumber.
The next time you come here, my friend, I need to steer you across the street from Uncle Hugo's and into the World Market.

All sorts of cuisine, but, pertinent to your food porn, a branch of Holy Land deli!
mmmmm. *g*

I have a Greek Deli about four blocks off, you see.

Life is gooood.
Well, *that* I can't compete with. I have to drive to get to Holy Land myself. :)

You're making me crave all sorts of things, though. Hmm, maybe after work on Thursday...mmmm