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yep. definitely coming down with something.

Tickly throat, exhausted, swollen glands, aching neck. Yep, all the signs are in place.

So, while I'm napping in a sunbeam with Phyllis Ann Karr's The Arthurian Companion: Second Edition on my face (at some point I may swap out and nap with Anansi Boys on my face instead), entertain me! To wit, I've detailed what is, in my humble, one of the best sandwiches on earth.

What's the worst sandwich on earth?

In my opinion, the Britrail egg mayonnaise is hard to beat for sheer bland slimy vomit-textured disgustingness. I have in fact astounded, amazed, and entertained many American friends with a detailed description of exactly how bad an egg salad sandwich can be.

But I'm sure there's worse....

Enlighten me!
Tags: food snuff porn

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