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can't help about the shape i'm in. i can't sing, i ain't pretty, and my legs are thin.

Leah Bobet makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. 

I'll most likely kill her in the morning.

Book Report #1x2007: Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys

I never know what to call Neil, because I haven't actually met him, but all my friends have, so it feels weird to call him Gaiman in that last-name-only formal book report kind of way. So I shall call him Neil, and hopefully he will forgive me the liberty if he ever finds out about it.

Neil makes me laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh. And want to quote bits to somebody nearby, but alas, it's wasted on the cat. In any case, this is really nifty book, which I liked much better than American Gods (although there are certain paragraphs of American Gods that rank with some of my favorite paragraphs anywhere). Anyway, Anansi Boys has got a nifty, fluid omniscient voice, and this wonderful fast-paced transparent top-level narrative that kind of sucks you along while subtler and more complex things are going on underneath.

I liked it a great deal.

Fast Forward #1 got a nice starred review from Publisherss Weekly, which is up at Amazon. The book's out next month. Woo!

A livejournaller thumbs-up Blood & Iron

...yes, there is something recursive about this post.

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