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bear by san

March 2017



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I'm going to be trying a new blogging thing, I think, which involves editing-to-add previous posts rather than spamming livejournal throughout the day. The saving stuff up for the evening thing never works for me, as I am too fond of instant gratification.

I'll try to timestamp stuff and clearly mark the additions as I do them.

Also, Stash green chai?


ETA Hmm. I may be trying to fix what ain't broke, here. What do you all think? Keep it the same, or less spam with maybe a reminder post in the evening?

ETA 11:33 am Okay, okay, the spam remains.


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I'd rather be spammed, but as always it's up to you.
I am trying to assuage the guilt I feel when I post seven times in a day. :-P
My main complaint with that theory, personally (and the reason I don't use it; not that I post that often anyway) is that I don't think LJ offers any notification for updated posts. So your faithful stalkers will have a harder time actually catching the updates, 'cos they won't just float to the top of the friends list...

Of course, I could just be undercaffeinated and whiny this morning.
That is a sensible criticism.

I had been thinking of doing a reminder thingy at the end of the day. Hmm.

I may be trying to fix what ain't broke.
Nooo! I'd way rather be "spammed" too. Keeps me entertained at work. It's way too hard to hunt for older posts just to check if one got updated with something amusing or important or whatever.
And baked beans?
Stay with the spamming - it's fun :)
It ain't spam if it's worth reading, dearie.

I doubt I'll read the updates for two reasons: I won't remember, and I hate scrolling.
It ain't spam if it's worth reading, dearie.

What she said.
I don't think what you do is spamming, so I don't think you should worry about changing your posting style.
Though I often fall way behind in my reading of everyone's LJ, I'd much rather be spammed. If you want to do a roundup post at the end of the day, with links to your various posts, that might work as well.

Spam, please

I'd have to scroll back through my extensive friendslist to find your updated post. As for teas, Stash teas often have too much tannin for my taste, though their green teas are OK. May I recommend this pleasant green chai?

Re: Spam, please

niiiiifty teapot.

I usually avoid tea in teabags. *g* But that sounds good.
I think it works as is, TBH.
I'm ok with spamming - when I read my FLIST, I work backwards from the most recent entry until I find what was the most recent entry last time I looked. I rarely go back further than that unless I am specifically looking for something. So, if I happened to catch your first entry of the day fairly early, I would be unlikely to see the others. So, I vote for spamming.
I would vote for the Status Quo. I'm with the person who said "It's not spam if it's worth reading," and I enjoy what you have to say whenever you say it.

I'm with most of your commenters. By and large, whether on LJ or in freestanding blogs, "updates" to posts should be used sparingly, because they don't get caught by the various tools we all use to search for and read new content on the journals we follow.

That said, I also want to say that I hate the use of the verb "to spam" to mean "to post a lot on one's blog." "Spam" was a useful term when it specifically meant unsolicited commercial email. Now it's just another way of saying something for which we already had perfectly good words.
I know you've already decided, but spam is good for me! Besides me being happy whenever I see that you've made a new post, it's easier for me to notice a new post than it is to one that's been edited. I don't mind using my page down button, but an edit may slip my notice completely while I'm scrolling.

Anyhow, it's not like you're posting ten stupid quizzes a day or anything - you have something to -say-.
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