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product endorsement

[13:49] matociquala: cape cod jalapeno cheddar potato chips single serving bags are actually enough potato chips.
[13:49] matociquala: possibly even a bit more than I want.
[13:50] matociquala: those would be potato crisps for you, Liz. *g*
[13:51] hawkwing_lb: I do speak some American :)
[13:51] matociquala: because you are all that and a bag of chips.
[13:52] matociquala: er, all that and a packet of crisps, I mean
[13:52] matociquala: and wow, when they say jalapeno, they are not kidding.
[13:52] matociquala: *breathes fire*
[13:53] matociquala: *destroys tokyo*
[13:53] leahbobet: *Japanese people scream*
[13:53] matociquala: Guess we have to move Worldcon someplace more convenient, then...

In other news, it is seventy degrees outside.

Have I mentioned that I live in Hartford?

In other other news, I have decided that dust is going to be nothing but cool shit, top to bottom. Literary merit is for girls.

Tags: bork! bork! bork!, chatroom transcripts, no such thing as global warming

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