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what was written on your bones before you got born

Progress notes for 7 January 2007


New Words:  1,210
Total Words: 13,593
Words for the Year: 10,707
Pages: 68
Deadline: Sometime in June or July, I'm guessing
Reason for stopping: quota, end of scene

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
13,593 / 110,000

Stimulants:  lapsang souchong, more ginger peach tea
Exercise: gym yesterday, gym today, gym tomorrow. Also some yoga. And a walk to the store.
Songs mutilated: This thing that I am doing with the guitar is starting to result in something that resembles music. It is *bad* music.
Mammalian assistance: none

Reviewy thing for Shadows Over Baker Street.

Reviewy thing for Carnival.

Today's words Word don't know:   raddled, unhealable, squinch, cryostasis, sunward
Darling du Jour: Ironic cruelty, that she felt the cold sting along the ghost bones of her wings.
Mean Things: phantom pain. untrustworthy symbiots.
Tyop du Jour: Bust it would take too long to crawl along them.
Jury-rigging: I have come up with the coolest plot twist ever and I am only on page sixty something. And I figured out how the book ends, on the rowing machine.

There's always one more quirk in the character: Perceval can apparently compute trajectories and relative velocities in her head.
Other writing-related work: critted Amanda's story, for values of laying my hand upon its head and pronouncing a blessing upon it.
Books in progress: Liz Williams, Snake Agent; Phyllis Ann Karr, The Arthurian Companion
The Internet is full of Things: but I didn't look at any of them today.
The glamour!: I still have not taken out the trash.

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