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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

sunday, sunday

I hope my upstairs neighbor is doing calisthenics.

Because otherwise, that's some really enthusiastic sex.



At 9am on Sunday? That's just appalling.
You got something against really enthusiastic sex?
When it involves an hour of thumping that shakes my ceiling?

but ... theoretically a New Year's inspired exercise regime can be expected to last about 3 months on a regular basis. Really enthusiastic sex is much more rare. Unless said neighbour is in training for the sexual olympics.
An hour of shaking your ceiling. Da-yum!

i sure hope it is sex. Anyone who gets up early on a Sunday to exercise is just weird... but getting up at any time to have sex makes sense. :)
You got something against really enthusiastic sex?

Only when I'm not invited.

-- Steve doesn't even mind that too much, unless he can't sleep through it either.
Only when I'm not invited.

I hear that. On the whole though, I prefer not to sleep through sex, enthusiastic or not. It puts my partner off is stride.
Just to be clear (not that this'll salvage my odds or anything) the set of "enthusiastic sex to which I am invited and can sleep through" is a null set. Really. Honest.

-- Steve'll manfully resist whipping out a Venn diagram as proof.
A distinction without a difference.
Isn't the one a subset of the other?
They are probably the same people who screwed all night in a hotel room next door to me once. At least, either the walls were very thin or they were actually in my room, but invisible. It sounded like the latter.

Also they changed languages half way through (the hotel was in France) - started off in French and then switched to English. Maybe s/he was entertaining different clients, come to think of it.

Unless prolonged sex causes some kind of Pentecostal experience, but I can't say I've noticed.
I just realized the other day that the annoying thudding noise that has been driving me crazy which I *thought* was a window banging because of the wind was actually the downstairs neighbor's headboard. Oh, joy.

I feel your pain.
My boyfriend's apartment walls are super thin. Needless to say, we can hear his neighbours all the time....and they can hear us. We all pretend this isn't the case.

Had an upstairs neighbor once that we nicknamed 'Thumper'. She either had a very enthusiastic boyfriend or a kick-start vibrator with "Harley-Davidson" on the side. Probably had flames painted on it, too.

Then there was the couple who lived above me here for a time. Their couch squeaked. A lot. I could sometimes hear their tv at the same time. Who knew Morley Safer was such a turn on?
I had an upstairs neighbor like that once. We called him Thumper Jellospine.
Or perhaps...perhaps Anita Blake has moved in upstairs?
I hope you've went through that time well;)