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bear by san

March 2017



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animation wallace cheese

noted for future reference

You know, it's not that Meyer lemons are less tart than regular lemons.

It's that they taste like oranges that are as tart as lemons.

Also, I really need to train my guilt gorilla to understand that getting het up about deadlines that are six months in the future when my entire life is deadlines is probably a counterproductive use of my stress responses.

In other news, if Rien wants me to write this scene, she's going to have to give me an opening line, isn't she?


We made lemon sorbet with Meyer lemons last spring. The mix tasted fine with the normal amount of sugar... but then when we froze it, the sorbet somehow became inedibly tart. Even the dog couldn't eat it, and he eats EVERYTHING.
Opening line: "The rats were in the souffle again."

If not this scene, then some other scene. You'll find a use for it.
Does this mean that you like Meyer lemons? 'Cuz if you do, I could send you a bunch. We have a Meyer lemon tree and it basically furnished the foundation for all our holiday meals.

Fresh, warm, Meyer lemon curd. OMG.
I do like Meyer lemons. But I live alone, so any more than two or three at a time....
Well, let it be known that you have a Source of Meyer lemons, should you wish.

(From what I understand, they can be hard to procure. Not for us.)
I might!

Lemon curd. Ooo.