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the things we do for art

See, there's this thing writers do, where they repeat cliched description rather that digging for authentic, telling detail. But sometimes the attempt to come up with an effective description bogs down in not having the appropriate sterile instruments for a spot of self-mutilation:

[18:55] matociquala: is blood really salty?
[18:55] stillsostrange: some people's
[18:56] stillsostrange: it depends
[18:56] matociquala: I should just stab my finger.
[18:56] stillsostrange: I think maybe it's more salt from the skin
[18:56] stillsostrange: Mine is more coppery.  Steven's is more irony.
[18:56] matociquala: My skin's not very salty, unless I am sweating.
[18:56] matociquala: Mine is kind of umami-sweet, I think.
[18:57] matociquala: with overtones of copper penny. *g*
[18:57] stillsostrange: Now I wonder
[18:57] stillsostrange: maybe it's not salty
[18:57] stillsostrange: maybe fiction has lead me astray
[18:57] stillsostrange: Mine is metallic and sweet
[18:58] stillsostrange: Maybe vampires bite a lot of sweaty people
[18:58] matociquala: I think of it as seaweedy.
[18:58] matociquala: I wonder if Rien knows what seaweed tastes like.
[18:58] matociquala: I bet you would have algae tanks on a generation ship.
[18:58] stillsostrange: I wish I still had some clean razorblades.  I would check.
[18:58] matociquala: LOL
[18:59] matociquala: Yeah, I was just thinking I don't have a clean enough needle.
[18:59] matociquala: What we do for our art.
[18:59] stillsostrange: I can never draw blood with a needle

[19:08] matociquala: *goes to stab finger*
[19:08] stillsostrange: hee
[19:08] stillsostrange: see, the stabbing hurts me way more than slicing
[19:09] stillsostrange: I'd much rather slice my arm
[19:09] matociquala: I'll stab my wrist instead, really
[19:09] stillsostrange: I still have a nice scar from high school.
[19:10] stillsostrange: oh, found a razorblade
[19:11] matociquala: I'm not bleeding well, dammit.
[19:11] matociquala: stupid platelets.
[19:12] matociquala: I could just shave my legs.
[19:12] matociquala: that would no doubt result in blood.
[19:14] stillsostrange: hee
[19:14] stillsostrange: that always works for me
[19:14] matociquala: I think I am settling on seaweedy and metal-sweet.
[19:15] matociquala: the internets think it's umami-sweet-metallic
[19:16] stillsostrange: I think this razor is dull
[19:16] stillsostrange: or I really suck at this
[19:17] matociquala: We fail self-injury
[19:17] stillsostrange: yes
[19:17] stillsostrange: I lose at the blood-letting
[19:18] matociquala: Nobody thinks blood is salty.
[19:18] matociquala: vampire fiction lies.
[19:19] stillsostrange: oh woes
[19:19] stillsostrange: I'm going to blame this on the razor
[19:20] stillsostrange: But I can probably use it to take off my old flaking window stickers. :P
[19:20] stillsostrange: I'll surely cut myself doing that
[19:20] matociquala: Report back, if you do.

So, what do you say? Has anybody here ever coughed up a nice lungful of bright red froth? Because that's what I need to describe....

(gee, and I wonder why Rien wouldn't give me an opening line.)

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