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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie realism _ truepenny

Via Paula Goodlett, where to write if you are eligible for the Campbell:

"I'm making up a list to send in for the John W. Campbell Best New Writer Award voting ballot.

Many writers contact us on their own to be included, but some are not familiar with the award and do not know they are eligible.  If any author's first professionally-published work appeared [...] in either 2005 or 2006, please send me their names so we can give them a chance to be recognized.  (We will contact them before including their names.

The mail goes to:  David Walton and the address is: davidwaltonfiction@gmail.com"

If you are eligible, for the love of Mike, send him an email. It is not too forward. You can tell, because I am a Yankee, and I say so.

Have you noticed that lj has all these moods for whiny and cranky and bitchy and sleepy and tired and so forth, and no "helpful" or "useful" or "diligent" or the like?

MONKEY! Be less self-absorbed, Monkey!


Hi, Elizabeth. Thanks for mentioning the JWC award. Too many writers are eligible but don't know it until too late. Voters often times have no idea who is eligible unless they see them listed somewhere.
In the No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished category--

They need to be careful how they do this, because a writer will not submit their info for whatever reason, and the writer, or some of the writer's fans, will raise bloody blue hell because they will confuse the list of eligible nominees with the actual ballot itself, and think if the writer is not on the eligible list, they therefore cannot be nominated. This has happened.

James van Pelt used to run a Campbell website--maybe they can contact him about possible pitfalls? I think it's better to know about some things in advance. Just imho.
Jim quit. *g* But you can see jimvanpelt...
I know he quit. I just thought they could pick his brain.
They probably have. I've got no association with them: I'm just passing along the email address.
Brain picking: that sounds painful *g*.
The Egyptians had a special kind of hook....
Through the nose...and they wiggled it around a bit.

Oh well, off to lunch...
I believe you are confusing the eligibility rules with the Hugo voting rules. The JWC is "not a Hugo." This is just an attempt to put together a comprehensive list of eligible candidates.


*g* COuld I be more plain?

I like the new format!
Thanks! I think I do too!

Bet you had no idea it would be this hard to do a good deed.

Off to ask if ebooks with royalties qualify. Otherwise, it's wait 'til next year.
Cheers and thanks!
As always, there's boundless confusion between this award, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award given out in Seattle (formerly given out in Lawrence, KS). But let's not go there.

The trick of eligibility, as I understand it, is all about circulation. Which is why, despite having sold stories for years and years, my own Campbell clock didn't start until a sale to Analog in 2005 (this is my 2nd and final year of elegibility, by the way, and on the unlikely chance that hordes of Klingons both nominate me and vote for me, I'll be onhand in Yokohama to accept the tiara). Not surprisingly, most nominees land on the ballot because of a first novel, and I believe (and someone will leap in to correct me if I'm wrong) only two people have one on the strength of short fiction (Michael Burstein, and Jay Lake).