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Via Paula Goodlett, where to write if you are eligible for the Campbell:

"I'm making up a list to send in for the John W. Campbell Best New Writer Award voting ballot.

Many writers contact us on their own to be included, but some are not familiar with the award and do not know they are eligible.  If any author's first professionally-published work appeared [...] in either 2005 or 2006, please send me their names so we can give them a chance to be recognized.  (We will contact them before including their names.

The mail goes to:  David Walton and the address is:"

If you are eligible, for the love of Mike, send him an email. It is not too forward. You can tell, because I am a Yankee, and I say so.

Have you noticed that lj has all these moods for whiny and cranky and bitchy and sleepy and tired and so forth, and no "helpful" or "useful" or "diligent" or the like?

MONKEY! Be less self-absorbed, Monkey!

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