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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid and garcia shit

four lj icon trends that need to go away please

  1. That fucking microtext. You know what I mean: the text that is essentially a broken white line on the image? Just don't.
  2. The supersaturated hand-colored look. It was nice when it was occasional. Now I am tired.
  3. Scriptina. Unless you are using it in a large enough size to read, and preferably to express a sentiment like, oh, "blow me."*
  4. Those heart brushes. OMG, make it stop. You have an icon: we know you like the property.

But. Terrible puns, cryptic fandom references, and lewd suggestions? Eternally golden.

Tomorrow, I have to introduce Emperor Palpatine, or a reasonable approximation thereof. In other news, Dust is a creepy bastard, with the creepy inside, and also creepy. Who remains (or perhaps increases in) creepy when he's musing on his gallantry.

And now I am going to bed.

*yes, yes, writ ironical


I recommend making him creepy, myself. But hey, that's jsut me.

Regarding the microtext, I'm glad I'm not the only one disturbed by it. I thought there was a secret keystroke to bring up what the damn things actually said, and I hadn't been admitted to the inner sanctum of knowledge.
fine with that. Also, pointless ASCII art.
That fucking microtext. You know what I mean: the text that is essentially a broken white line on the image? Just don't.

Marry me. Again.
I make all my icons in MS Paint, and it's about as much as I can do to get a single fuzzy word onto 'em. I feel vaguely less guilty about that, now.
I make my own icons, and my general rule of thumb is that if I can't read it (what with my bad eyesight and all), it isn't good.

That said, one of my friends continually complains that she can't read icons that are perfectly clear to me, so oh well.

What really gets to me are the flashing icons, but those may be more an AIM phenomenon. I end up with those little floating ghosties swimming across my vision after seeing one of those.
*g* Like this one?

Yeah, hate 'em too....
Nah ... needs more sparkling hearts and neon flashes to qualify as properly obnoxious. :D
Palpatine, you say...

BTW - you're up on SciFi wire
thank you.
*icon love*

I... I... I think I love you....
As far as the saturation look: Unfortunately that won't die. I see several tutorials a day on how to do it.

A hundred ways to make a picture look like crap.
I mean, really.

As long as the washing it out with pumped up contrast thing doesn't catch on. *g* Then I would be dooomed with the others.
I did once put a heart on Robert Lindsay's naked ass. That was fun. But in general I do agree with you, particularly with regard to the microtext.
That's not a tattoo? I'm shocked!

Of course, I use animated icons, which are another cardinal sin.

I don't think I make enough icons to qualify for your ire. :)
I just have the one that can qualify as "annoying," I suppose (it's animated).
But at least it stays on each one long enough to actually read it! And people do seem to love it :o) Gee, I post mostly in readers' and writers' spaces...can't imagine why people there would love it!

(and I can't take credit for it anyway, it is ladytalon's work)
Go wander over to any of the cop show fandom communities. Such as picturethecrime.

SO NOT RESPONSIBLE for any mental damage caused by Mandy Patinkin or Jerry Orbach slash.
To be entirely fair, what with the trend these days to shoot TV shows and movies in the friggin' dark (I don't know, maybe they're trying to save the environment by not wasting electricity on stage lighting), if people didn't saturate their LJ icons thusly all you'd see would be a black square, and that could get boring quickly.

Alas. It is so. But the peach pink lips still give me a wiggins.
The peachy-pink lips give me a wiggins.