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four lj icon trends that need to go away please

  1. That fucking microtext. You know what I mean: the text that is essentially a broken white line on the image? Just don't.
  2. The supersaturated hand-colored look. It was nice when it was occasional. Now I am tired.
  3. Scriptina. Unless you are using it in a large enough size to read, and preferably to express a sentiment like, oh, "blow me."*
  4. Those heart brushes. OMG, make it stop. You have an icon: we know you like the property.

But. Terrible puns, cryptic fandom references, and lewd suggestions? Eternally golden.

Tomorrow, I have to introduce Emperor Palpatine, or a reasonable approximation thereof. In other news, Dust is a creepy bastard, with the creepy inside, and also creepy. Who remains (or perhaps increases in) creepy when he's musing on his gallantry.

And now I am going to bed.

*yes, yes, writ ironical
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