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Timmy's Down The Well!

So I was awakened this morning by a small grey furry person in full OH MY GOD THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE mode. Miaowing pathetically, digging at the comforter, pulling my hair, climbing under the covers to put her whiskers and nose in the small of my back. You name it.

Normally, I would just have hit her with a pillow, but this seemed above and beyond the call of "Mom, I want to steal your warm spot."

Anyway, got up, wandered around, looked for fires and earthquakes and serial killers and big dogs, put water in her water dish, determined that my limited human senses were inadequate to the task and if it was a tidal wave I'd know about it when the foundations washed away, and tried to go back to sleep.

Heh. Figure the odds.

I wonder if the problem is just that it's actually cold out there for a change.

Anyway, I'm up. Might as well warm up the coffee and try to write something. Until the tsunami comes.
Tags: cat vs. monkey, malodorous catass, presumptuous cat
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