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bear by san

March 2017



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a black spider dancing on top of his eye

Man, the small press does not fuck around. I have the page proofs for New Amsterdam already. (Sorry about the delay in "Lucifugous," by the way. Regular service will resume tomorrow.)

Guess I'd better get on that. As soon as I write this slapfight between Dust and Azrael. And a new bio for Bantam Spectra, since I don't live in Las Vegas anymore.

I've got a pint bottle on Jameson's, a pot of jasmine tea, and a bag of potato chips.

Very little can stop me now.

I am however beginning to wonder if my goal of reading 100 books in 2007 was realistic.

Unless I can count my own?



Count omnibi as the number of books compiled, instead of one book? ;)

... Are you drinking jasmine tea with Jameson's?
I am omnibus-free, currently.

If by "with" you mean in the same glass, no. If by "with" you mean alternating mouthfulls, yes.

Alas, I have finished the Jameson's.

And the laptop just hung so hard I had to unplug it and TAKE THE BATTERY OUT to get it to reboot. Wow.
You can count your own, but only the first time through!
Unless you do heavy revisions, of course...
I was more thinking of counting them not when writing or revising, but when reading the galley proofs. *g*
Ah, yes. The lowly and unpublished such as I do not think in such terms :)
eventually, you will discover this truth. the 75th time you read your book?

it is the worst book in the goddmaned world.
I'm at about the 67th read of my latest and it's looking pretty wretched.
Sort of scuffed and bruised, with week-old maple syrup spilled on it.

Now picture it typeset.

And you're not allowed to change anything but printer's errors.
So many fears, so few eyeball muscles to twitch.
I can give you recs... *eg*

I have a head cold and slept all day. However, I understand there is no crying in baseball.
I have three hundred books in my to read pile. It's just a matter of (*&^*(&%^ time.

I've been reading Snake Agent for a fucken week.
I'm looking forward to New Amsterdam. "Lucifugous" is interesting and SP puts out a superior product.
thank you!

Any idea what the cover is going to look like? The first (and only) book I ordered from them was Charlie's Wild Things and it had a lovely Ench cover.
Only time will tell.

I believe it's going to be black and white, detailed ink.
Interesting. Sounds like a Strand illustration for ACD and a Sherlock Holmes story
There is no limit to the number of books one can finish with a little help from Jameson's! Ur, I meant, start, not finish...;)
Yeah, I managed to read 104 books last year, but did NOTHING....