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It's new and exciting! ... okay, it's new.

All right, truepenny wouldn't blog what I double-dog dared her to blog, so to keep my self respect, I have to blog what I just said to cpolk.

My scene for this morning involves Gavin the Mechanical Basilisk, a character I've been saving up since I was 9. Seriously. And I've always liked basilisks and cockatrices (early exposure to The Book of the Dun Cow? Maybe.) Anyway, here I am trying to figure out an "in" for this scene (by which I mean, a hook paragraph that will carry the narrative forward and provide momentum), and make sure Gavin the Mechanical Basilisk isn't too much like the not-a-cockatrice in the novelette that is not called "The Venom Cock,"** and I realized...

Basilisks, perytons, cockatrices. It's true. I suffer from...

[08:36] matociquala: ...toxic cock syndrome.
[08:40] cpolk: ohno
[08:40] cpolk: you mocked the phallus
[08:42] matociquala: Sadly, it is true.
[08:43] matociquala: I wonder if this is in any way related to Hot Cock Sauce?
[08:43] cpolk: hee
[08:43] cpolk: *is 12*
[08:44] matociquala: Join the club, baby. *g*
[08:44] matociquala: Baby, join the club.
[08:44] cpolk: *even though she was the one running around yelling "i need some Hot Cock Sauce!" in the first place
[08:44] matociquala: mmm. Hot Cock Sauce.
[08:45] cpolk: having Hot Cock Sauce is just one of the ways I combat sadness.

Right. Coffee's on.

Everybody back on your heads.

*goes back to contemplating changing Azrael's name to Samael, because that's like work, right? so it's all down to which angel of death has the better name...*

**for more on the research challenges of same:
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