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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

well. it's about bloody time.

The National Weather Service has issued a severe weather warning for Southern New England for Sunday night and most of Monday, with an unusual cold warning for Tuesday.

With a little luck, we might be getting a real ice storm.

Check it out. We might get a little winter after all.



(*makes note to put tarp over car this weekend...*)
It finally got cold here in MN, so it makes sense it's moving toward New England. No snow here, just bundle up coldness.
Which is good, because I was outside in my tank top today, and that's fucking silly.
Hey, silly needs lovin', too.
Yup, it just moved into Wichita yesterday. Sixty degrees out the days before that, and it was pretty darn surreal to see the ice trucks driving around in that weather dumping stuff that appears to evaporate before it hit the ground. They assure us it works fine that way, though the cold moved in so fast and camped out so effectively that we just got sleet and dry snow instead of a rerun of the Jan 2005 ice storm, so I guess we'll never know.

At any rate, yay. Winter, finally.
The Traditional Arisia Snowstorm strikes again.
Yes, it is about time that we got snow.

(Oh, this is xbreakingxthexh xP. Well, there's my little informal regreeting. O.o)

And it better stay. It wasn't awesome when Amherst got snow, and it stayed. T.T We didn't even get a flake. Though, the next day, we did, but it didn't stay, despite my snow dance. (Curse those inconvient weather gods.)
Hee. Well, I dunno if we'll get any snow... but we are promised ice!

So maybe we will all freeze with no 'lectricity.
Ice is better than nothing.

Now the 'lectricity . . . That might be hard to live down. Hmm. I wonder how long the ice would stay if so . . . I better recharge my CD player battery. No way am I going a day without my music.
At least up there, there won't be a rush on bread and toilet paper. Virginians freak out when flurries start.
Nah, they do it here too. They buy milk. I have never understood why you stock up on milk when you expect a power failure.
Snow ice cream!

We could never figure it out, either. In Charlotte, the Snowly Trinity was bread, milk, and toilet paper. What, cold bread pudding? (The first thing that *always* happened in a Significant Weather Event? The ice took the pine trees down, and they took the power lines down in solidarity. Every damned time.)
Bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper. Northern Virginians used to joke about "french toast days" because wha else were they gonna do with it all when the storm warning turned into a flurry?

You can freeze milk tolerably well, actually. But it still doesn't make sense.
And I just posted this on our university's FAQ site:

In the event of dangerous weather conditions on Tuesday, January 16, please check the University [bleep] homepage for information regarding potential changes in the university's operating schedule. At this time there is the potential for severe icing on Houston area roads that morning. Please double check conditions before venturing out.

Tuesday is the first day of the Spring semester. I'm thinkin' 'ice storm'.

It was 78 today.
well. it's about bloody time.

Word. Mo'fucking word.
Ya'll are *more* than welcome to come take the snow and ice we've got in Seattle. We don't really want it anymore.

All those transplanted Californians have no clue how to drive when there's snow and ice on the ground. People were *chaining up* to drive home Wednesday afternoon, for Pete's sake, and all they were doing was ripping up the driving surface for everyone else.
HAhaha! That is SO California. Sorry about your roads, dude. =P
When Texas and Kansas City can beat New England to winter, there's a problem.
With a little luck, we might be getting a real ice storm.

With a little luck, it will hold off until I've left Boston and am well on my way back to Philadelphia.
In Sunnyvale, CA, we’ve been getting extreme weather warnings that the temperature could plunge below *gasp* the freezing point of water. I’ve had to finally dust off my “run the faucets at the smallest trickle possible” skills acquired when visiting colder climates... and amazingly, my cats didn’t immediately clue in to the new drinking fountain.
With a little luck, we might be getting a real ice storm.

No. No. Just...no.

A snowstorm, fine. An ice storm -- avert. Says she who spent seven days without electricity in the Great Ice Storm of '97. Which was Seriously No Fun, though it would've been worse if we didn't have the woodstove in the basement.

And, of course it figures -- we don't get any winter at all until the day I start work.

Ooh! Maybe I'll get Monday off, after all! *g*
Of course it starts a few hours after I go back to school in New Orleans. I am not going to see real weather this winter at all.
*I* have at least our *second* freeze warning of the year.

It does not freeze in San Francisco, so something is clearly wrong.

We have your winter, Northeast! Send us ours or we'll... take away your reuptation for toughness! And put something nasty and nouveau in your clam chowder!
mmm. chowdah.
With a little luck, we might be getting a real ice storm.

So Ang Lee can finally see how it's done?