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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey earbrass unspeakable horro

I've one foot on the platform. The other's on the train.

If more stories had random logging trucks, I think it would support an InfernoKrusher sensibility.

I wonder if I can get a logging truck into dust.

(This is funnier if you have seen The Horse Whisperer and City of Angels, both of which contain random assassination by logging truck)

Even better, we were talking in chat last night about the possibility of a real innovation in genre, a literary movement in which the story is never finished because the reader gets mown down by a logging truck....

Progress notes for 13 January 2007


New Words:  2,274
Total Words: 21,801 (26,500, manuscript count)
Words for the Year: 19,672
Pages: 106
Deadline: Sometime in June or July, I'm guessing
Reason for stopping: quota

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
21,801 / 110,000

Holy cow, would you look at that? A fifth of a book (really a quarter of a book, as I'm expecting a final page count between 400-450 pp) the 100 page mark, and 20K, all under the bridge.

Now that feels like progress, man.

Stimulants:  licorice spice tea
Exercise: gym yesterday. Today is laundry day. Given that the washing machine is down three flights, that's like exercise.
Songs mutilated: house of the rising sun, and a really bad version of a minuet
Mammalian assistance: she's rubbing her face on the laptop right now. this tells me the morning work session is done and it is time to feed the cat and shower.

ASIM #26 is available for (paid) PDF download here. (for a mere ~$3.00 US!)

It features an essay by me on why Vellum, Melusine, and The Lies of Locke Lamora are cool, and why it's silly this thing we do in genre where we pretend that good books are not necessarily standing on the shoulders of giants when any fule can see they are. It also has rather a lot of good fun fiction.

Review of two stories from Shadows Over Baker Street, one of them mine.

Today's words Word don't know:  crosslegged, kohled, capsaicin, unoffended, uncoded,
Words I'm surprised Word do know: salicylic
Darling du Jour: 

"Are  you a healer, Mallory?"

"No," Mallory said, and lifted a pair of cups. "I am a necromancer. Here, drink up." 

Mean Things: gender confusion
Tyop du Jour: "Engine and Rule righting, that could kill so many."
Jury-rigging: leahbobet talked me into doing a stunt-writing thing (writing one character entirely without resort to pronouns) that so far is working out much more fluidly than I had any right to expect. I think I may actually have gotten... pretty good at this writing thing somehow.

There's always one more quirk in the character: Mallory is nothing but quirks. And oh, I have the love in my heart. May need more personality, though.
Other writing-related work: critted a story for stillsostrange. now I have to Do A Thing for scalzi and then at 2 pm I am supposed to be interviewed and stuff.
Books in progress: Susan Perabo, Explaining Death To The Dog; Phyllis Ann Karr, The Arthurian Companion
The glamour!: today is laundry day. but first, it is Clean Bear time.


Hey, there are few enough of us readers as it is!
Fred Ward put random logging trucks (and other logging paraphernalia) to use in the Remo Williams movie, too.

-- Steve finds the flick a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless.
Pilot episode of Smallville; random logging truck drops a log, which Lex Luthor swerves to avoid, thus hitting Clark Kent and sending them both off the bridge into a watery death. Except, of course, for the whole bit where Clark Kent is proto-Superman and thus rescues the dude, setting up thousands of gleeful slashers with enough material to keep them happy for years.
That logging truck is a serial killer.
It ought to be stopped! Won't someone think of the poor innocent children trees?
That tyop does not look like a typo. I say keep it :D
Can we replace the logging truck with the library due date going over and having the librarian goons break our knuckles? Because if I get swiped by a truck for every book I read, I doubt I'd come back for more. I'm not THAT masochistic.

train songs, no logging trucks

Here's another platform song..

Danville Girl

My pocket book was empty
My heart was full of pain
Ten thousand miles away from home
Bumming the railroad train

It was standing on the platform
Smoking a cheep cigar
listening for that next freight train
To carry an empty car

Well I got off at Danville
Got stuck on the Danville girl
You bet your life she's out of sight
She wore those Danville curls

She took me in her Kitchen
She treated me nice and kind
She got me in the notion
Of bumming all the time

She wore her hair on the back of her head
Like high-tone people do
But the very next train come down the line
I bid that girl adieu

I pulled my cap down over my eyes
Walked down to the track
Then I caught a westbound freight
Never did look back
(writing one character entirely without resort to pronouns) - I've been doing this with the opening scene in each of my Canum/Irie books, both because it's fun and because it teaches the reader to see Irie the way her world sees her. It was totally an accident the first time I did it. Now it's deliberate. *g*
Why the difference between word count and manuscript count?
That's sort of like when I took typing lo these many years ago - they figured words not by 'words' but by number of characters in groups of ten (if I recall correctly). Same sort of theory. Neat. Glad I asked :)

death by logger

Let's not forget that brilliant death-by-logger in Pet Cemetery. Honestly, if it were't for that half-wit in the Keneworth, the baby wouldn't have died and, well, Denise Crosby woudn't have been able to chew the scenery for the remainder of the film like none before have ever been able to do...

Re: death by logger

I think we have a real trend to contend with here....