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just another rusty brother seeing his old role replayed.

looking in the world like a broken mirror, seeing his old face displayed.

So, I am v. pleased to announce that Blood & Iron is Green Man Review's Best Fantasy Work (boldface theirs) of 2006.

Man. I'm kind of verklempt.

Also, I see that ellen_kushner, catvalente, and papersky are also favorably mentioned. As is Theodora Goss. And some people who aren't drinking buddies personal acquaintances.

In other news, I learned how to use Audacity, and now you all suffer.

Because, you see, I was struck by the brilliant idea of reading occasional bedtime stories to my friends on the Internets. And so, I've recorded the world's most amateurish podcast of "The Chains That You Refuse," and here it is.

Right click to download, please, and save my bandwidth.

And don't say I never gave you anything!

Tags: awards, free online fiction, internet bedtime stories, not-a-podcast

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