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This Just In

"Sounding" has been nominated for a BSFA short fiction award. I have not yet seen the whole list. I will not, alas, be in attendance: it's the same weekend as NorWesCon, where the PKD will be awarded, and I can't go to that either, as I am GoH at Penguicon the weekend after.

I Suspect A Cosmic Joke.

Good luck, little story. Mommy is proud. *pats on head and checks buttons are buttoned.*

ETA Niall showed me the complete list. It is here. Congrats, guys!

And, as has been previously mentioned here, my multitalented chromosome donor, stwish, has written a book on neglected American military genius Courtney Hicks Hodges. The only book on Courtney Hicks Hodges.*

It's getting pretty good reviews.

*I did say he was neglected, didn't I?
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