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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Walking to Mordor. baksoon.

Chapter ten of "Lucifugous" is now available. In which Sebastien suffers the consequences, and identifies a muderer.


Also, our ice storm is not icing. I am not sure I'm disappointed, though.

And (in things that are all pegkerr's fault) I've signed up for the Éowyn challenge, because my legs are longer than a hobbit's. I'm going to count miles on the ski machine and treadmill, mind you, because I am in New England in January. If we ever get any January.

Really, it should be like the Peregrine Took challenge, because Éowyn had a horse, you know, and didn't start in the Shire.

But he doesn't look as hot in a dress.

In any case.

468 miles to Rivendell!

Yes, I've got too many hobbies.


Now's not the time to tell you that one of the biking trails in Nordic Provincial Park in Canmore, Alberta is named "The Riders of Rohan," is it? (When we were up that way last summer, the Czarina and I started laughing over the name, and all of her family gave us that now-typical "dog being shown a card trick" look. Ah well: they reacted the same way when we came to the top of the trail and I found blooming butterworts all over the place.)
Hehe, nice story.
Warning: Fanboyness follows

From today's chapter:

"Schadenfreude-soaked revenge"

I adore this phrase. Absolutely adore it. Even if it does make me think of an extremely odd sort of tiramisu...
it is a tasty tasty dessert
...best served cold...
No, I'VE got too many hobbies!
Hmm. I am currently trying to keep up on--

archery, guitar, juggling, and weight lifting. And now I am walking to rivendell!
Is that an A. A. Milne ref in your subject line? LOVE.
You get the noprize!
Hurrah! *preens* So glad to be responsible. I'll be pleased to have you along as company on the journey.

Here's a chart I created, showing the distance the various characters walked, which you might find useful, by the way.

And an icon:

five miles as of today.

Ooo, chart.