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Walking to Mordor. baksoon.

Chapter ten of "Lucifugous" is now available. In which Sebastien suffers the consequences, and identifies a muderer.


Also, our ice storm is not icing. I am not sure I'm disappointed, though.

And (in things that are all pegkerr's fault) I've signed up for the Éowyn challenge, because my legs are longer than a hobbit's. I'm going to count miles on the ski machine and treadmill, mind you, because I am in New England in January. If we ever get any January.

Really, it should be like the Peregrine Took challenge, because Éowyn had a horse, you know, and didn't start in the Shire.

But he doesn't look as hot in a dress.

In any case.

468 miles to Rivendell!

Yes, I've got too many hobbies.
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