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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

i was god's own drunk and a fearless man.

So I come to the point where the necromancer might get laid after all, and I have to wonder. Can I actually write a sex scene in which one of the participants has no pronouns? When it's from the other guy's POV?

I feel a sudden kinship with stand-up comedian Kate Clinton, who has a wonderful routine about working herself up to tell penis jokes. And how it's a bit like ice skating in the Olympics, working yourself up to the triple salchow jumps. "Oh, Dave. She only did a double."

Heh. Yes. Stunty writing indeed.

Well, if it was easy, it wouldn't be fun. At least I feel like I'm in control on the ice these days.

In other news, our ice storm has been called on account of global warming. We just get cold icky rain. On the other hand, that means that my lunch date with was06066 isn't cancelled due to ice slick. So I had better get in the shower, I guess.

Progress notes for 15 January 2007


New Words:  1852
Total Words: 24,642. If I can keep up this rate (~10K a week) I might be done by mid-March or even the end of February.
Words for the Year: 22,287
Pages: 120
Deadline: Sometime in June or July, I'm guessing
Reason for stopping: quota

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
24,642 / 110,000

In addition, truepenny and I got 2,781 words on the sizzling raygun space story about a pirate ship named the Lavinia Whateley. That's a real good writing day, all told.

Stimulants:  lapsang souchong, warm milk with cardamom, Sam Smith's Winter Welcome
Exercise: none; I suck. I will try for a walk today, though, as my gym is closed.
Songs mutilated: seven, god rest ye merry gentlemen
Mammalian assistance: Madame is not to be disturbed, as she is resting.
Mail: nomail

Today's words Word don't know:  planetside, outliers, besuited, picosecond, rebarbed, oryx, barbels, quelquesomething, overripeness, witchy,
Darling du Jour: Samael's holde was a Heaven, as besuited the Angel of Life Support Services.
Mean Things: sibling rivalry, nanotech dragons, kissin'
Tyop du Jour: vast ragged ravel wings, Burt this was real wood, for the rime being
Jury-rigging: not so many patch jobs today. I'm not even going to bother justifying the dragon.

There's always one more quirk in the character: Rien, you little tramp.
Other writing-related work: page proofs for Subterranean 6.
Books in progress: Phyllis Ann Karr, The Arthurian Companion; Susan Perabo, Explaining Death to the Dog
The Internet is full of Things: See last night's post on Helm's Deep for an example.
The glamour!: Time to go take off my pajamas, I guess....


not so many patch jobs today. I'm not even going to bother justifying the dragon.

Dragons are their own justification.
You beat me to that.

the necrophelia makes it seem dirtier than it really is.

well i did actually write a sex scene in the angel book between Jakob and Tahir (the necrophelia scene) that doesn't (for the most part, not until after Tahir is dead) use pronouns -- I focused on body parts instead and what they were doing (as in "a hand went to a mouth and a tongue, and the wet" etc.) not exactly the same style as you write in, but hey if you do it fast enough no one would notice ;)

Re: the necrophelia makes it seem dirtier than it really is.

Hee. I know! And it's a good scene.

I'm trying to make the pronounlessness as transparent as possible, which is a real bitch. *g*

Re: the necrophelia makes it seem dirtier than it really is.

hee, so make it artsy! and super pervy and people won't notice at all ;)

(esp if its super pervy)

Re: the necrophelia makes it seem dirtier than it really is.

The dirt makes it seem less contrived than it is!
Lots of ice up here in Toronto.
I kinda like the "vast ragged ravel wings." For a textile geek, that's pretty evocative.
Pronouns give me headaches. I write in first person far more than I should partly because it gives me an excuse to avoid a "which he am I referring to?" headache. I think I once arbitrarily introduced a new species into a story I was working on to have something else to call one of the characters to distinguish him from another in a particular scene.

If you have a character with no pronouns, I am in sheer awe of your ability to write such a beast.
It's a complete stunt. It saves me having to have a set of prounouns for the genderless characters and a different set of pronouns for the hermaphriditic ones.

And it's a cool trick.

So far, it's going pretty well.

I may have actually learned something over the course of all these pages.
That is quite the trick! I've never been very happy with either "it" or "hir" for hermaphroditic creatures, and "it" for sexless but sentient beings feels odd. Since my favorite fandom includes a lot of multi-gendered (and occasionally multi-person) and/or asexual beings, it comes up a lot.
Stupid question no doubt, but, er, if the necromancer is sexless, how is it (?) having sex?
Who said the necromancer was sexless?
..necromancer..sex..same sentence..EW!!
I say go for it!


Oh. I see.

As I said, stupid question.

Re: Aha-moment.

Can I actually write a sex scene in which one of the participants has no pronouns? When it's from the other guy's POV?

This reminds me of something I ran into a few months ago, while writing my novel Uncertain Terms:

My main character, Kenzie Brennan (a bisexual man whose partner of 23 years has just died) is talking with another man (of unknown sexual orientation). The man says that he thinks he understands Ken's pain, because he was in love with someone once, a long time ago.

At this point, I wanted Ken to ask the man about the person he was in love with, but there didn't seem to be any really good way to do so.

Do I have him say "Tell me about him", using the male pronoun (either because it's been traditionally used when gender is unknown or because his longest and most recent relationship was with a man)? or do I have him say "Tell me about her", using the female pronoun (and thus assuming a heterosexual relationship)?

Other options, such as "Tell me about him/her" or "Tell me about the person you were in love with" just don't sound like something someone would really say.

In real life, I would probably say "Tell me about them", but in addition to being grammatically incorrect, it also doesn't read very well.

I finally settled for "Tell me about this person", but that made the dialogue sound stilted and artificial, and I'm not at all happy with it.

What a real person would say in that situation is "Tell me about them."
That's what I thought too, but would you actually write it that way?

Yes. If that is what a person would say, it is what I would write.

And actually, people have been using that construction for at least four hundred years, so the grammar nazis can sit the fuck down. I have no use for classist prescriptivist baloney. *g*
or "Tell me about that someone." Which is even more peculiar grammar, but perfectly normal colloquial English.
If I were having the conversation, the next line out of my mouth would probably be something like, "I'm sorry to hear that. What happened?" Which is not exactly the question you were trying to have your character ask, but it's close, and it avoids the whole pronoun tangle.
Lapsang Souchang indeed. Best stimulant in the world.