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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

when I say house, of course, I mean that we lived in a hole in the road.

*watches everybody and his uncle completely miss the point of the last post as they each attempt to have the worst eyesight in the room*

*is amused*

Y'all might be pushing competitiveness a bit far, guys.


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Screw you, I see just fine. (Even underwater.) *g*
Lol, wishes certain folk would use their eyesight on the ml as well or makoiyi is going to 'splode soon. But never mind. Goes back into her corner.

I get my story ideas from dreams and nightmares. Occasionally from interactions between people.

Even more rarely from experience/learning examples such as yours, of the "this is what THAT would be like" or "I never knew that... what if..." variety. I think the those are the coolest, if the least surreal. (On my part. You can pull surreal out of a pragmatist's hat.) I like surreal. I'm not convinced I can write it.
I get my story ideas from dreams and nightmares.

A middle-of-the-night natural disaster or fire, where my contacts are in the next room, and my glasses fall from their usual spot and get lost/broken *is* my nightmare. *g*
Can we talk about what age we were when we learned to read next?
Wow, and I thought nothing could beat "age at which one learned to read" for the ultimate geeky competitiveness factor. (Though I haven't heard any claim earlier than ten months, on that one. Yet.)
Not until I was six. *g*
you know, I'm not sure if its competition or compensation.

now I may have to make a post about the various adventures of being differently sighted.
given how many posted, I begin to think its a subject not nearly as well explored in fiction as it should be.
which, by the way *is* a challenge
My eyes suck, but not as bad as yours.

Look what I got for Christmas! Look what I got for Christmas! It's even in French.

Oh, wait, that's kind of a bad thing.
when I say house, of course, I mean that we lived in a hole in the road.

We were evicted from our hole in the ground.

We had to go and live in the lake!
I would say 'lucky you were to have a hole', but for the fact that I cannot see to type through the Stygian gloom that engulfs me. But which I cannot, I think, spell.
Wait: I missed an "it sucks to be me" contest?

No, wait, don't wait: I don't do those anymore. In fact, since making the transition from "whine" to "shut up and actually do something about it", I've become much happier.

And, in this specific instance, by the sheerest of coincidences which I'm sure you will not believe, tomorrow afternoon I'm seeing one of the leading laser-expert opthamologists in the area, to see if they can do anything about my blind eye. I've been told in the past that most doctors who do lasering won't touch the difficult cases, because they guard their "98% success rate!" statistics by not taking any difficult cases, and I'm apparently a difficult case. But I don't really care if there's only a "poor chance of success", given that I'm blind in that eye now, so I currently have no chance of seeing out of it...
But did you keep a ten-bob note up you nose?
Wouldn't that cause nosebleeds?
yeah, see...I was gonna reply to the earlier post and say "My eyes work better then perfect. I can read titles from across a room, and small text over peoples shoulders, and read newspapers by moonlight. Neener Neener." This is amusing, being as more then one of my friends are all but blind, and hate me for my eyes.
Reminds me of a quote from USENET: "Only here would a DSW be won by the smallest and least effective."
::cleans glasses::

Hmm... I see a story in this too.
I'm sorry, I didn't see that post...
Sometimes people have difficulty figuring out how to say, "That's kind of a gorgeous way of seeing a specific moment/story piece."

Particularly if other people have already said something similar.

So then it turns into commentary on something they /can/ talk about without appearing to sound silly. (Which gets silly in and of itself, obviously.)
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