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It's a free fiction morning--

The very first issue of Coyote Wild is up, with my not-an-Arthurian fantasy, complete wth snarky clubfooted bard, an odd-eyed necromancer, undead armies, and every other sword and sorcery trope I could jam into 4000 words with a crowbar.

The magazine has quite a cast list:

# Abjure the Realm - Elizabeth Bear
# Association of the Dead - Jean Graham
# Behind the Mirror - Yoon Ha Lee
# Blood - Patricia Russo
# The Book of Nye - Adam Heskett
# Coyote Grins - Donald Powell
# Crow-Boy - Kurt D. Kirchmeier
# A Lesson In Flight - B.A. Tyler
# The Renascence of Memory - Amy Sterling Casil
# Summer Thunder - Sherwood Smith


# Laying Down the Rayguns: The Mundane Manifesto - Alasdair Stuart


# Peering into the Mechanics - Danny Adams
# The Snake Charmer Retires - Kristine Ong Muslim

And now, having survived the pronoun-free sex scene with rather more dignity than I had anticipated, I'm off to make Perceval eat stir-fried silkworm larvae.

I love my job.

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