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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

and that's a wrap

The final chapter of "Lucifugous" (in which guns are drawn, and Jack reveals something we all suspected) is up at Subterranean Press. You can read the whole novella here

You can buy the forthcoming collection/picaresque/mosaic novel here. It's over a hundred thousand words in length, and includes two never-before published stories--"Chatoyant," a novelette, and "Lumiere" (appearing on the order form there as "Les Innocents," which was the working title) a novella, which between them comprise about 40,000 words of brand new content!

Think of the children!*

*this is scurrilous material, after all. You'll want to protect them by buying up as many copies as possible.


> You'll want to protect them by buying up as many copies as possible.

As IF. My daughter is the one who has me on the floor with jokes about the erotic possibilities of Daleks. I believe the exact phrase was "In-Sem-i-nate!"
*I* didn't tell him to do it. Pinky swear.

There was a discussion over at, mm, I think oyceter's of how long it's been since various of us enjoyed his books. I think we mostly wrote him off as one of those writers we enjoyed when in the early 20s and are not now sure why.
You and the story got a shout out in my daily wordcount post. Damn muse crack...
Sebastien thanks you.
I enjoyed "Lucifugous" as well. I'm pretty much hooked for "New Amsterdam".
I also really loved "Orm the Beautiful" some time ago.

(I've been lurking semi-regularly for a couple of months, but only got an LJ-account recently and put you on my friends-list then. I hope you don't mind?)
No, not at all. Lovely to meet you, and thank you for the praise. *g*