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bear by san

March 2017



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froud magician

it's also in peas!

It's interesting, this stopping before I am completely at the end of everything I could possibly write in a given day. I think it may be good for me.

Okay, things to do today:

Print out invoices and contracts
Call Random House
Feed cat
Play guitar
Go for a walk
Go to archery

But right now, I'm going to go read in the tub, and see if I can get caught up in Fellowship to where I am on my walk. And see if I can get uncrankified, as well.

If they're going to raise my rent, I'm going to use their hot water. That's just the way it is.

Memo. No more cheap chocolate. (I ate some Girl Scout cookies last night and they sent me into mood swings. Yay, processed food.)


I ate some Girl Scout cookies last night and they sent me into mood swings

I had wondered....

GS cookies are the cheap crack. Not the 'we're too poor to know any better, wasn't it fun?' kind, either.
No, that was after our conversation.

I honestly *don't* care where in the hotel room I sleep, as long as it has pillows and a comforter.
Go to archery

*perks up* archery? where?
The same place I always go. Hall's Arrow.
ooh, neat!
*eyes website speculatively*
What do you recommend as non-cheap chocolate.

Long, hot baths are my guilty pleasure, since Colorado == dry skin, and I probably ought to stick to showers.
I like green & black's, personally.
Oh yeh, that's good gear. Happily organic, too. I see it in Planet Organic every morning! Temp. Ta. Tion. (did you have that song in the early nineties, or was it just England?)

Oo, and Liz? You might be interested in this: British Delights! :D 'cos did you eat Galaxy chocolate when you were in England? I send this to some of my friends in America, and in return they send me anything I damn well want! It's their crack!
I need more things to make me chubby! NOT!

(It looks delicious.)
Sorry, just a random drive-by comment: REID!!1! *g*
I have a terrible CM fangirl thing going on currently.
Join the club. ;)
Ok, so the title of your post had me stumped for most of today. I couldn't find anything in the post itself that had anything to do with peas. Totally bewildered, I tried to get over the attempt to make sense of it.

Then I finished watching the latest episode on my dvr from Wed night.

Doh! "It's also in peas!"
Guess I should eat more peas.
Bet that gave you a giggle.
Geeks. They make me happy.