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I do not need to defend my art to you.

Re: the fast writer/ slow writer debate

I suspect it all comes down to technology.

Two hundred years ago, the people who are so-called fast writers, these days, would have been slow writers.

(Okay, except for the Dickenses and Shakespeares and Dumases.)

And a significant fraction of the slow writers would have been bank tellers.

Praise the Lord and pass the Smith-Corona.*

*But everybody's welcome to their defense mechanisms and to constructing a narrative that helps them function and create--the artist's necessary lies. I mean, I could be out there telling people that if they can't write a decent book in six months they are lazy and not very smart, but I wouldn't do a thing like that. I mean, come on. Any asshole can write three pages a day, right?



So I'm not going to say that.

For one thing, it would be untrue.

For another, I don't believe it.

Please note that these things are not equivalent.

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