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Book Keeping

Words: 1601 and end of Act II, scene vii. Act II is gunning to have about 20 "scenes" in it. Which makes it twice as long as Act I, approximately. But what the hell. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, and all that.

Reason for stopping: Since I am at the end of the scene and I have been a good girl and worked, I can go read some more of this book SOMEBODY got me hooked on.

Speaking of SOMEBODY, the article arrived today. As did my copy of Homosexuality in Elizabethan England (Alan Bray). Thank you, truepenny.

And I really hope the Office of Homeland Security is rubbing their foreheads over my recent online book shopping.

That is all.

MORTIMER: Madam, whither walks your majesty so fast?

ISABELLA: Unto the forest, gentle Mortimer,
To live in grief and baleful discontent;
For now my lord the King regards me not,
But dotes upon the love of Gaveston.
He claps his cheeks and hangs about his neck,
Smiles in his face, and whispers in his ears;
And, when I come, he frowns, as who should say,
"go whither thou wilt, seeing I have Gaveston."

--Christopher Marlowe, Edward II, Act I, scene ii

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