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op. cit.

If you are interested (and if you read this blog,I suspect you are interested) Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer are running a 2007 one-year online workshop on techniques for writing commercial fiction.

Some of what they're saying is very basic--they're staring from the bottom--and I disgree with a bunch of it, of course, because that's what writers do.

They're using a confrontational and argumentative style I like a lot. Which is to say, they disagree on just about everything.

Now that's the way to run a workshop.

I particularly like Crusie's "WILDLY ROMANTIC" motto. Mine, for dust, is that my stock answer whenever I cringe and say "Is this over the top?!" has to be HELL NO. There is no over the top. There is only the cloudy peak of Everest sailing by beneath. Bring in the cool stuff in BUCKETS and to hell with logic or moderation or restraint. Because this book is FULL OF AWESOME. And that is that.



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