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The following is an unpaid public service announcement.

ETA: I SUCK Bill informs that "in print" means titles currently in release, not those that are in pre-orders. So, in other words, this offer only applies to currently existing books.

Like, for example, not mine.

In other words, I suck. Totally my error. In other words, please disregard the list of applicable books below, and go look at the website to see what it applies to. sorry.*

Today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday), Subterranean Press is running a benefit book sale to help defray costs of medical treatment for Sam Jones, a preschooler who has been diagnosed with cancer of the brain stem

What does this mean in practical terms? Bill explains:

The special we’re running is very simple. To make it an appealing offer to you, every in-print title is 25% off if bought January 21 or 22.

For our part, we’ll be donating 25% of the retail price of each sale book bought on Sunday or Monday (Jan 21-22) to Sam’s family to help with their expenses while he’s in treatment, and will guarantee a donation of at least $2000

So please, consider picking up some great reading at less than cover price, while helping out a family whose needs are great.

A couple of final notes: Please mention 25% off when ordering. Your shopping cart total and automatic email confirmation won’t reflect the sale price. We’ll take care of that when processing your order. If you use PayPal, please don’t go through our online store. Instead, email us and we’ll send you a PayPal invoice for your order.

That’s all. Thanks in advance to everyone who opens their hearts and wallets for Sam. We’ll be back Tuesday or Wednesday with our regular newsletter.

So this means that you can order my New Amsterdam or autopope's Missile Gap or desperance's The Keys to d'Esperance or docbrite's D.U.C.K. or the special edition of scott_lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora or cmpriest's Dreadful Skin or crowleycrow's The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines or greygirlbeast's Mercury or scalzi's The Sagan Diary or any of these things, and get them not only at a discount, but benefit a family that by all reports sorely needs the help.

*the people responsible have not been sacked, because I can't fire myself, but if I could, I would.

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