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Progress notes for 22 January 2007


New Words:  1098
Total Words:  35,796
Words for the Year: 37,320
Pages: 173
Deadline: Sometime in June or July, I'm guessing
Reason for stopping: quota

Stimulants:  berry herb tea
Exercise: just going for a walk now. I was mighty at the gym yesterday. I am into the second day of travel, and it'll be about twenty miles before I hit another landmark, looks like.
Mammalian assistance: Mebd says she is cold, and could I move over and make more room please? Also, generate more body heat?

Today's words Word don't know:  caseless
Words I'm surprised Word do know: depilatory
Darling du Jour: Maybe we shouldn’t just waltz out into the line of fire after him, Rien started to say, but maybe there was something in the knightly code of conduct that also said you had to be fucking stupid all the time, because that was exactly what Perceval did.
Mean Things: parental meetings
Tyop du Jour: Silently, he offered billets and knife to Perceval.

There's always one more quirk in the character: Tristen is arrogant. We are shocked.
Other writing-related work: none
Books in progress: Phyllis Ann Karr, The Arthurian Companion; Gustav Davidson, A Dictionary of Angels including the fallen angels; J. R. R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring;
The Internet is full of Things:

Photographer Rick Guidotti.

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