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we are dust and shadows under the naked light

Progress notes for 24 January 2007


New Words:  1235
Total Words: 37,940
Words for the Year: 39,359
Pages: 183
Deadline: Sometime in June or July, I'm guessing
Reason for stopping: quota

Stimulants:  vanilla almond tea
Exercise: just about to head out to the gym now, and see if I can find some cool on the treadmill.

Today's words Word don't know:  darkside, wingprint, meltwater, lawyering,
Mean Things: Perceval had an emo moment.

Other writing-related work: I made shiny book-related icons, see?


Yes, I know Tristen doesn't have an electric guitar, but the facial expression is just perfect. And I can always give him an elextric guitar, after all.

The chances that he would be caught dead in those trousers are slim, however.

Books in progress: Phyllis Ann Karr, The Arthurian Companion; Gustav Davidson, A Dictionary of Angels including the fallen angels; J. R. R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring;
The glamour!: If I do not wash these dishes, they may eat me.

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