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most of us prize fighters will fall from fashion

Oh, I am in a fey mood today. One of those when I am full of mystery and strength, and restless with it.

And truepenny is teh smart. Not just because of the smart things she said on her smart livejournal today, but because she gave me the key to dust.

Which means its probably getting a title change. Because I told her if there was a sequel, I was thinking of a title which had a particular kind of pun imbedded in it--being a one-word title with distinctly different, nay, even opposite meanings.

And she pointed out another one, equally appropriate to the milieu.

And I had just told my editor that there was sequel potential.

And this name has the advantage of not having two other recent books with the same name, which is a flaw with dust.


Henceforth, I'm calling the damned thing Pinion. And any sequel will be called Cleave.

Unless the marketing department makes me change them.
Tags: jacob's ladder, wings and chains

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