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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

Rolling Stone finally loses its last splinter of credibility

The 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

I'm sorry.

Kurt Cobain ranked higher than Zappa?

The only phrase that suits this situation is "Blow me."
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Forget that...Cobain higher than Santana??


Any list of guitarists that leaves Chet Atkins OR George Benson off of it has no credibility what so ever.

This author needs to get out of his basement once and a while and listen to some real music before commenting.
I was just thinking that any list with all of two women on it that lists Joni Mitchell and does not list Janis Ian is lacking some cred, as well.

And dude. Johnny Winter and Mick Ronson are like, down there in the basement.

So not right. *g*
As you all say. Cobain higher than most of these people!? No way. No Chet Atkins? And, of course, they focus on rock, as if (for instance) Garnet Rogers, Gordon Lightfoot, Andrew Ratshin, Leon Redbone, etc., etc., etc., never existed... and Julian Bream, and that Django somebody-or-other....
Ohhh. Garnet Rogers.

Leon Redbone.

I'll be in my bunk.
Pardon the intrusion, but angevin2 recommended that I come to you with a research question I'd posed to her, that being the question of where I ought to go to find the best and most comprehensive information on the Isle of Dogs incident. Would you have any suggestions?

Thank you kindly--

Alas, what you want is David Rigg's supremely out of print biography of Ben.

What do you need to know?
And they didn't even list John Lennon.

Lennon was, after all, the third best guitarist in the Beatles.

And neither George nor Paul made it.
They lost me with Richard Thompson at 19 (or, indeed, in the double digits at all).

And Fripp at 42? I mean, I realize not everyone's into the "I learned all these chords, now what else can it do" school, but c'mon.
Well, and then there's the whole Pete "I just made up this chord, have you ever heard anything like this before, oh, and I have cut all my fingertips off on the guitar strings" Townshend down in the basement too.

I think anybody using a pick other than a thumb pick should get an automatic ten place demerit.
I was beginning to think you get a free ride if your dead on this list, but then where's George Harrison?
Harrison is #21.

No Martin Barre, though. And Brian May at #39 seems sort of ludicrously low to me. But, you know, stupid list.
Pete Townshend all the way down at #50????

That's right up there with the book I see in huge remainder piles at the local Barnes & Noble: Kurt Cobain: Voice of A Generation. I just have to ask, seeing as how someone decided to let that junkie speak for me, why is the only thing we heard from that "voice of a generation" was "Waaaaaaah!"?
Eddie Van Halen at 70? Lightinin' Hopkins at 71? Ike Turner on the list as all?????????
I had an Ike Turner issue too.

And yeah, Hopkins should be higher.
Shock about R. Thompson being 19! I mean, 19? Have they seen the man play? Even I can tell he has some cool chops.

(And must also agree with filkertom about Garnet Rogers.)
In what bizarro universe does Jack White outrank David Gilmour, Tony Iommi, Steve Howe, Brian May, Eddie Van Halen, Pete Townshend, The Edge, and Richard Thompson? Whover compiled that list is a first class MORON.

W T F ?????!!??!?!

Cobain shouldn't even be on that list.

And I love the Ramones, but Johnny doesn't really belong up there either.

No Steve Vai? No Joe Satriani?

About the only possible explanation I can think of, is that they aren't actually judging on "greatest guitarist" but are instead saying "greatest guitar riff makers." In fact, that's about the only way this list makes any kind of sense to me.

Blargh! Now you're making me go downstairs and get out my guitar and play.

Re: W T F ?????!!??!?!

Wes Montgomery, Tommy Tedesco, Roy Smeck, Mel Bay, Freddy Green, Charlie Christian, Eddy Lang, Sandy Bull, Bruce Langhorn, Mimi Farina, All three guys from Lynnard Skynnard, Billy Gibbons,Dwayne Eddy, Speedy West, Everybody in the Ventures, Santo and Johnny, is that a hundred yet? Shit i have customers that should be in the top 50 on that list.

Michael Hedges, Seth Hedu, Wayne Henderson, Catfish Keith, Brian Jones, Willy McTell, Gary Davis, Merle Watson, Am o ranting yet?.
Awful list.

Where's Bob Mould? He influenced, by my count, at least five people on that list.

And please with sonic youth, the most overrated indies in the history of indies!
I'm sorry, but whoever put this list together is less than an idiot. I'm afraid I'm going to have to hunt them down and smash them over the head with something heavy.

I have worn-out old Epiphone around here somewhere...
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