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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

haven't you ever seen anybody work on a car with an axe?


I'm taking the rest of the week off from the novel. I have two columns to write, a podcast to record, slush to slush, and a bunch of administrative things to do, and I'm eighteen days ahead of curve on the novel_in_90 front. Also, it's been twenty days since my last day off.

And I'm supposed to be doing stuff Saturday and Sunday. So I think it's not-novel until Monday, and then a steady push on until Boskone, which will be the next scheduled work-break.

Maybe the book will even be sold by then. *g*

(Actually, getting Pinion finished this winter--ahead of schedule--will be really nice, because that leaves my other assigned tasks for the year (rewriting All the Windwracked Stars, writing "Periastron," and writing Bone and Jewel Creatures ["Periastron" and Bone and Jewel Creatures are both novellas, but the first will be published in an anthology and the second as a stand-alone, thus the different typographic conventions.]) with plenty of space around them. Which is good, because this whole thing where I work my ass off all the time? Kind of tiring.)

So yeah. No novel work tomorrow.

Other work instead.


Maybe a nice massage?
Single, remember?
I pay for them myself.
You obviously don't make an artist's wages.
::is chastened::

Get back to me after a couple of movie deals. Or if my books start getting picked up for translation.

Or cracking best-seller lists outside of genre.
Jeebus, Bear! I thought I was ahead of the curve at 10 days ahead of schedule.

Take some time off and recharge! Drink good scotch. Pamper yourself. Something.
well, 1400 words a day is a pretty sustainable average for me, generally speaking. I'm not actually burned out or anything; just feeling like I'd like to have a couple of unscheduled days to do other things.
Unscheduled days are good.

One of the reasons I'm trying to build up some ahead words is that I know when I finish the Phantom Streetcar Novel this weekend, I will need a couple of days to sit and stare at nothing before I'll be able to start rewrites and new projects.

1100 is about my daily substainable speed. Takes me hours to get it, but that's okay.

Are you coming to WisCon this year?
Sweet! I'll buy you a round at the bar, which is, if I remember correctly, cleverly named: The Bar.
That was a great episode of Mythbusters, and a great line from Jamie. :)