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haven't you ever seen anybody work on a car with an axe?


I'm taking the rest of the week off from the novel. I have two columns to write, a podcast to record, slush to slush, and a bunch of administrative things to do, and I'm eighteen days ahead of curve on the novel_in_90 front. Also, it's been twenty days since my last day off.

And I'm supposed to be doing stuff Saturday and Sunday. So I think it's not-novel until Monday, and then a steady push on until Boskone, which will be the next scheduled work-break.

Maybe the book will even be sold by then. *g*

(Actually, getting Pinion finished this winter--ahead of schedule--will be really nice, because that leaves my other assigned tasks for the year (rewriting All the Windwracked Stars, writing "Periastron," and writing Bone and Jewel Creatures ["Periastron" and Bone and Jewel Creatures are both novellas, but the first will be published in an anthology and the second as a stand-alone, thus the different typographic conventions.]) with plenty of space around them. Which is good, because this whole thing where I work my ass off all the time? Kind of tiring.)

So yeah. No novel work tomorrow.

Other work instead.
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