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another reason to stop writing:

Fantasy author ilona_andrews with the best writing advice you will get all year:

Write for yourself. Write to make yourself happy. If you work and work and work, and it doesn't make you happy, for the sake of all that's holy, don't write. Nobody is forcing you to do it. Nobody is forcing you to throw your work out there. It's a pretty tough world, full of judgemental people and the result of this collision is sometimes heartbreaking.

Writers who get their words into print achieve it not because they are trying to please other people, but because they are borderline-OCD perfectionists. They ultimately write to please themselves, no matter how much they like to make noises to the contrary. They love their stories.** And sometimes, even if you are an OCD-perfectionist, you reach a point when you look at a project and say, "Hey, you know what? I quit!"***

What she said.

For the love of Mike. If you hate it, and you're not already locked into a three-book contract, then stop.

God knows you can make more money as an auto mechanic. And they lied about the glamour, man.

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