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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

And a free-throw for the extra point of irony:

-2 and falling. I am drinking my tea out of a Cape Cod mug with cartoon bikinis on it.

Oh and Neil has my glamour. That explains it!


Neil has at least 7 authors worth of glamour and charisma in that top photo. And that's without mentioning the magnestism he's borrowed from Rickman.

*still weak kneed*
They make sushi pillows? How did I not know this!
Neil has all of this hemisphere's glamour that isn't being dedicated to George Clooney.

Dayamn. And he looks that good in person, too. I mean, how can he get away with being that good a writer *and* that hot?
Am I the only hetero female who is resistant to the Gaiman Glory? I mean, he's a nice guy, I like him, I like his writing, but... he doesn't make anything go pitter or pat.

Clooney, on the other hand.... *thuds*

chacon a son gout

How do you feel about Alan Rickman, for calibration? Because, as was said upthread, he punches the same buttons for me -- intellectual male.

Re: chacon a son gout

Alan Rickman is totally a thinking woman's crumpet.

With or without stage props.

Re: chacon a son gout

Chacun. Dammit.
I was talking about the sheepskin and the sushi pillows, personally.
I know someone who could probably make you sushi pillows. The sheepskin, you're on your own.
Mmmm. Sheepskin... And sushi? *twitch*

Where I come from, honey, we call that "bait". But I may buy one for my girlfriend.

Neil himself isn't bad either. But I think I'll steal his pillows.
I came upon that journal entry and went gushy. at first I thought he'd been dressed up special, for an acting stint or something. but no, Neil really is drop dead glamourous on an everyday humdrum basis. *awed*

yes, the Cold has come to CT! while I'm not really a big fan of being cold, I approve a few weeks or months of seriously cold weather, to kill the ticks. very useful. ^_^
If he didn't look so good in it, I'd say he should give it back, but GAH. HE IS YUM.

Maybe you two can share?
Doesn't. He. Just.

I just finished explaining to my husband that I have never ever had the 'rrowr' reaction to Mr. Gaiman before, and boy howdy, I just made up for all the not having.

Have you considered growing a beard?
Neil's lookin' kinda hot with that beard... Very mysterious.
I like Neil personally, but I wouldn't call him gorgeous.
I never said he was attractive. I said he had my glamourous writing life. See? Photographic evidence.
As my disclaimer goes...As a hetero male, he is attractive, but what attracts me is that he's comfortable. He's got all those damned comfortable sushi pillows around him that he could curl into any damned position and be comfortable! He's got swag. That VERSACE SWAGGER as Jay-Z likes to call it, but he's got damned SUSHI PILLOWS! I think that's what I aspire to. Sushi pillows.