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impertinent questions, part three

panjianlien: Oh, oops, sorry, forgot: I'd like to come back as a well-cared-for horse.

ammitnox: string, or nothing;


yes, you are weird for stalking me on the internets.

blackcoat: getting to tell stories to people and getting paid for it.


1)  the more pigment in your irises, the better your eyes are at managing glare.

2) the writers who get picked out of the slush aren't necessarily doing any less wrong than the guys who don't, but they are generally doing more right. And the most important thing is maintaining narrative interest--drawing the reader through the story.

3) damned if I know, but if I had to guess, I would say institutional sexism and an enduring voting block. pnh pointed out recently that women are winning more Nebulas than men, recently.

morning_glory: I love being told I don't suck. Everybody loves being told they don't suck. And no, not really. I occasionally get somebody who drops by to tell me they don't like something I've written, or to try to get a rise out of me. I suspect I am an open enough presence on the internets that I succeed in de-mythologizing myself pretty well. Which is what I'd prefer, really.

deyaniera: Mostly, I just write things I like. 

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