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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu (sorta) going to hurt ivan & h

i like to go out beyond the wild breakers where a man can still be free (or a woman if you are one)

Man, okay. I can tell I needed a few days off. (It may wind up being more than a few days, frankly; we'll see how long it takes some more story to generate. I plan to enjoy the luxury of only having two books to write this year.)

I can tell because my brain is still spinning, spinning, spinning. It keeps trying to remember what we're supposed to be doing now, and it won't believe me that, other than Boskone and a couple of nonfiction articles, the decks really are perfectly clear until March.

Better than clear, in fact. I've got half a book done when I didn't plan to have any yet; I have an idea for the novella I need to write; and I have a draft of All the Windwracked Stars. Which needs rewritten from the bottom up, but the plot is done, and for me, the plot is the hard part.

Charlie Stross has a great and much-linked post up here on what is necessitated by the !glamourous writing life. Oh, God, taxes. He had to remind me....

He left out the feast-or-famine nature of the pay schedule, too. Other people save up for major purchases. Writers buy them quick when the money comes in. And then, in the bleak time between the signing of the contract and the paying of the check, they eat a lot of pasta.

Also, what he says about the work schedule? Seriously. I work more than 250 days a year (I probably take about thirty non-writing days in an average year, but I grew up in the kind of working class family where OT and second jobs was how you made ends meet: I'm bred to scorn a banker's schedule.) Which is why I don't feel too bad sitting here reading Holly Black and letting the story cook, even when I would really like to be done with the first draft of the book by April 1.

You get used to running on that treadmill, man. But the fact of the matter is, if I killed myself to get everything I have to do in 2007 done by August (And I could, though I'd probably give myself another psoriasis outbreak and completely sacrifice my exercise schedule and social life) then I'd have no bloody clue what to do with myself for the last five months of the year. And the last thing I need is another spare trunk novel and an incipient case of burnout.

Yeah, I know Piers Anthony works eight hours every day and twelve on Sundays, but I have my limits. And I get whoooaaa obsessed enough about finishing things that it doesn't hurt to stop every once in a while and remind myself that the book does not actually have to be done next week.

ETA: Oh, yeah, since Sarah did it--

Con schedule for this year is looking like:

Viable Paradise

And I may stop by a little regional con or two. Really, that's two more cons than I should be going to, but it's two less than last year, and its hard to give up the ones that are habit.

(Yes, I need to update my web page, but I need to take the whole thing apart and put it together different first, and... it's a low priority right now.)


Damn! I was just listening to that song... One of Colin Hay's best...
I practice my creepy all week just for Fridays.
I don't know if I'm going to make ComicCon (it largely depends on if/when the bank lets me go) but if I do, we'll have to catch up with each other at some point, your schedule permitting. ;)
love to. *g*
We will also be at Boskone. I'm arriving Thursday afternoon and Jordin is arriving Friday some time. You should let us buy you lunch or dinner, pick a day, any day (of the con). It's only fair since I've had so much fun reading your books.

I'd love to see you. We will do that!
Dear Bear,

You do not have to defend your decision to take a break. And even if you did? You would not have to apotropaically cite Piers Anthony. Because some shit is just not necessary.

Dear Mole;

I have to defend it to the brain weasels.

Love, Bear.
Do NOT compare yourself to Piers Anthony. Please. I become ill at the thought.

And we're none of us Trollope, but you've already passed Aphra Behn, at least in quantity.
Do you know yet which panels you're likely to be on at Penguicon? There's one time slot I know for sure I won't be able to rearrange, so I will admit I might run off and beat the scheduling committee around the head if you're on a really interesting panel at the same time as that one.

(In, you know, a friendly and encouraging sort of way. I do not advocate excessive violence towards convention organizers. Usually.)
no clue, alas. But I will be around all weekend!
No Ambercon, eh?
Jury's still out.

I might come just to hang out. *g*
Oddly enough, the finance thing would be *easier* in our particular situation if one of us were a writer. Specifically, it would be nice not to have to find a second job in a foreign country, dealing with all the ensuing paperwork and regulations. But of course that would only be doable with the one steady income (and insurance, etc), and I can see all kinds of other attendant challenges.
Being a writer is great in a lot of ways. Infinitely portable work is one of them.

I contemplate emigrating to Canada, actually....

i've been reading your lovely, inspirational journal for a week or two now and felt quite shy about commenting.

that is, until you quoted the lovely colin hay song above.

bounced in my little chair a bit going 'omg! someone else knows this song!'

thank you for being so open about your writing. you've inspired me to take the plunge and throw out my nanowrimo novel and start over because i know it deserves better.

Hi, and welcome! Obscure music is a speciality. *g*
If you wrote as many hours a day as Piers Anthony, you might write like Piers Anthony, and while the bean coutners at your publishers might like that, I'd have to take steps.

Keep the brain fresh and rested. It's your best defense!