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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Friday Night Guilty Pleasures....

Poll #914812 quick and dirty dirty man poll: The Limey vs. The Canuck

Which guilty pleasure would you rather have on your side, should you happen to survive a plane crash in the Andes?

Les Stroud (Survivorman, aka The Canuck)
Bear Grylls (Man Vs. Wild, aka the Limey)


I have no idea who these people are... can I have a nice book and a cup of tea instead?
Never heard of either one. Can I have Wolverine?
Bear. 'Cause, not only could he likely get us both to safety, but being in close proximity to a crush object would no doubt prove beneficial to my psychological health and give me reason to live. ;)
I was thinking if worst came to worst, you could eat his cameraman.

Les is butcher, though. *g*
Plane crash survivors in the Andes are, I've heard, given to anthropophagy. So would you really want a butcher along?
I was thinking if worst came to worst, you could eat his cameraman.

Hah, yes! Good idea.

Les is butcher, though. *g*

Ah, but the appeal of dear Mr. Grylls is that he has all those yummy survivial skills, but isn't completely butch, yanno?
Wait. Is the question "which of those two do I believe is more likely to get us both out of the Andes alive?" or "which of those two would I prefer to have around in the event that we need to cuddle for warmth during the night?"

Or "which of those two would I rather club and eat when I run out of rations?"
I was going with A, personally.
Les is more and I can do with more of Les.
A) More meat on the canuck.

B) Here name is Scotty, i think, (welding woman) she is v.cool, and needs to host a new monster garage. Her and the woman with the peg leg.. I should look her up.

C)Tori has got some new tattoos, have you noticed?

D)The MYthbusters have started the first hobbiest robotics magazine.. Grant Imahara was a champ on Robowars or one of those.

Right, Kari is the woman with the new tats. The pegleg welder might have been Emily Erickson,of minnesota..
And remember "Welders are always in heat."
Bear Grylls is the real deal. Ex-SAS, youngest Brit to ever summit Mt. Everest and return alive and he did it THREE YEARS after he BROKE HIS BACK in three places. Plus? HAWT.

Les Stroud? Nobody. Seriously.
oddly enough, some people don't think climbing a mountain that you don't have to is a survival tactic... Getting back down might be another matter........
Less pretention, less dippy name.

Also, better beer.

Canadian wins, eh?