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impertinent questions, part six

lnhammer: And have, on several occasions, including in the Locus interview. Essentially, I turned 30, lost my job, and realized my marriage was not going so well all within a month of 9/11. You know those things that bring home one's mortality? Anyway, that one cam attendent with the revelation that security is an illusion, so you might as well do what you came here to do. Which in my case, is tell stories.

jillfelice: Sure.

jonquil: I had a string of crappy jobs for people who took insane advantage of me... and also, one or two jobs that I really liked. Also, I had a knack for getting hired by companies that were going out of business. 

guipago: Why not?

I mean, I'm doing what I love and keeping myself and a couple thousand other people entertained. My hobbies (guitar, archery, geocaching) are just that: hobbies. (Which is good, because I royally suck at all of them. *g*)

I can't think of anything I would rather be doing with my life, which is a pretty high accomplishment, I think.

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