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fourteen ways of looking at a novelist.

Because I am trying very hard not to fret about the February Locus review of Carnival a little bird told me to expect, here is an online review roundup:


slynneblarb totally loathes the book (found it unfinishable) and completely gets it. What a great review!

I love this paragraph with all the love in the world:

I find it very interesting that the deus ex machina is still so widely appealing in our society. Our society is full of people refusing to step-up to bat and take responsibility for their problems. Instead they'd rather someone else fix it for them. Rather sad if you ask me. And yes, I admit to having those urges myself too. I've found though that when you get past that and you take responsibility for, and act on fixing things, damn if you don't come to a resolution.

Is it bad to do a sack dance over a totally negative review?

sbisson obviously got the check I sent....

lenora_rose agrees with my editor. Foiled again! is short and sweet.

And fadethecat manages an entire book review without a single name. I loved this review too. It makes me want to write books just to make this particular reader chairbounce.

(It's true. Making readers chairbounce is really all I care about.)

Fast Forward I of Fast Forward, the first volume in an ambitious new Pyr SF anthology series (out... next week? I think?) with a kind mention of my story, and a rave for Paul Di Filippo. also has a review of same, with praise for many stories.

Blood & Iron:

seajules not only reviews it: sie may be my perfect reader. Yes. This is exactly what I meant. Yes. (Some slight spoilers.)
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