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bear by san

March 2017



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More support for the Bacon Theory of Homophobia

courtesy of janeterry:

God Hates Fags.

Apparently, not a parody?

Really, the pink shirt and the seventies Castro 'stache are what make it all.

nihilistic_kid, supergee: you need to click that link.


Nah, I've been seeing this shit all week and it must be a parody!
I can't quite wrap myself around the idea that it *wouldn't* be. I mean, even if it's not a parody, I don't believe it.
But more than fags, God Hates Shrimp: http://www.godhatesshrimp.com/
Obviously not done by a Christian, because a Christian would know that God loves them. (g)

Andrew Sullivan called this site out as a parody, and apparently Donnie thanked him for "backing him up."

I don't know what's funnier: the site as intentional (or unintentional) parody, or the site owner using precisely that term to refer to support. But then I'm eternally 8 years old. And I despise those so-called "gay cure" ministries. ::gets out Beavis & Butthead hat:: Huh huh-huh huh-huh-huh!


To the parodist!

The "backing him up" quote seals it for me.

(toasts the excellent parody video, tosses glass into fireplace)
Yeah, this must be an incredibly elaborate parody, kind of a "lonelygirl"-esque thing and a jab at reformed-homosexual groups.

Why, for example, do they list the Dresden Dolls in their list of "safe" music? That's just weird. Sounds like a joke -- the rest of the list is self-professed xian rock bands (like jars of clay, evanescence), so somebody goes through the list and then gets to a band with a song like "mandy goes to med school" (described by the band as a "little tune about a happy go-lucky back alley abortionist")?

Also, the guy's speaking style in the follow-up anouncement video is just too over the top:

They/he are geniuses, walking a very thin line and so far doing it well.

This reminds me of the britney spears pregnancy sculpture thing...
Google turns up this site, which implies that it's definitely a hoax (although, given the levels of silliness inherent in folks like Wildmon and his ilk, I'm not sure how one really tells the difference anymore).
Third time lucky:

"To get to heaven, there's no back door..." *dies*

Geez. Speaking as someone who was brainwashed brought up as a scary, scary Christian (until I was old enough to stop being bullied by my parents) I can honestly say that most Christians give me the fuckin' fear.

... and yet, of course, some are just alright with me.
Like Jesus? *g*
Yeah, man! Fags suck! (And so do straights, bi's, and horny teens.) ;-D

Really, I hope that song isn't on Christian radio stations... My seven-year-old sometimes listens to Christian radio, and I don't want that kind of filth influencing him. I'm NOT kidding. The only phobia we share in our household is a phobia against bigots.
*nods* Given a choice between Christian music and rap, I'll take the Christian music. At least it's pleasant to listen to. And if it's by Michelle Toomes or Rich Mullins, it can be splendid.

Me, though, I'll mainly stick with Hildegard. *swoons*

oh, yuck.
Well he may hate fags, but he certainly seems to approve of porn start 'staches.

Which is good because I'm hoping to see some Magnum PI reruns in Heaven.
Oh my. That *has* to be a parody! I'm dying laughing over here!
It's gotta be. Just gotta. I don't want to live in a world where it isn't.
That is either very funny... or very disturbing (quite possibly both).

I find it hard to believe it's not a joke though (especially with lyrics like "To enter Heaven, there's no back door".

His web site also has a List of Bands to watch out for, which I'm assuming is music that will turn you gay.

There is also a List of Safe Bands as well, but I'm not sure if they're supposed to actually turn you straight or just make you not enjoy being gay quite as much.

*dies laughing at the list of gay bands*

They forgot to mention Liberace!

By the way, I saw this on the list:

'George Michael (texan)'

Since when was being Texan ever associated with being gay? I'd have thought the stereotype would be the opposite.

Or is this just a way of saying that manly Texan men are actually just butch?


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I have no words... So instead, I shall sing my reaction from the bottom of my sinful, blasphemous soul!