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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek brahe

Mission accomplished:

UN envoy's estimate of the civilian Iraqui death toll for 2006: ~34,000.


Everytime I hear that you-know-who is bolstering himself with thoughts of Lincoln I wish someone would tell him that, even though Lincoln had much better reasons for the blood bath he oversaw, he got freaking shot for it. He seems too comfortable in thinking of the suffering and the blood as academic, distant things that will never touch him and aren't as important as his damn pride, imo.

... I wonder if that's unreasonable of me.
My nephew just graduated from Basic yesterday.

Did I need another reason to loathe the Shrub? No. But I've got one.

I was sorry to hear about your kitty, by the way. :-(
Thanks, about my cat. I'm getting used to her not being here, sort of, but I miss her awfully.
Yeah. I somtimes think I grieve more for animals than for people.
This is probably a bit dense, but as it is not noted anywhere may I ask why the picture only shows high ranking/officers? I'm used to seeing people arragned by name or by date (and I can't read the text) which is why I am curious.
Those are the 11 servicemen and the servicewoman killed when a Black Hawk helicopter was shot down last Saturday northeast of Baghdad.
Thanks, I've learned to keep away from the news while my hubby is deployed. They print the pictures in the Wheel, but I haven't picked up an issue lately.

I think they should do the whole bellringing thing for each death, nine strokes for a man or six (was it six?) and then one for each year of age. Prefereably with a very *large* bell very close to the White House. Maybe that would get the numbers across in a more visceral way.