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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust bible 'house of dust"

and if the music stops there is only the sound of the rain

1323 words on Pinion this morning. 195 pages, counting notes and signposts. This one wants chapters with titles for some reason, and here is the TOC so far:

1. light from a high window       3
2. they know all, that dwell in the silent kitchens        13
3. the mute resurrected        22
4. of course she fell        33
5. outside rule        43
6. the beast in the heart of the world        57
7: the beat of parasite wings        66
8. poison angels        82
9. what it means to be a princess        98
10. all that heaven and none for thee        108
11. her own salt        121
12: bats on a space ship        130
13. the deck        145
14. evidence of war        156
15. sweet things grow in the cold        170
16. chapter title        184

Chapter 16 obviously is still waiting to find its title, and 12 needs a better one.

I have stopped because I need to figure out exactly what Ariane did to provoke Perceval, and why Perceval doesn't want to talk about it. This will no doubt necessitate a trip to the gym and some time on the ski machine to unstick my head, which is good, because it will get me that much closer to Buckland.

Last couple of impertinent questions:

1) Write, submit, go to cons and hang out with other writers, find a good critique group who will honestly tell you what is broken and listen to them, read slush, write, submit, write, submit. Alas, there is no shortcut that I am aware of. Unless you happen to be scott_lynch, and touched by a publishing angel. 



Honestly? It helps to have been so completely miserable and trapped that you really appreciate not being miserable anymore. If you want to drop me an email, you know, I can go into detail.


Better for 12?

Let me be the first to suggest, "bats on a motherfuckin' space ship." Then I shall sigh at my own bad joke.

Finished Carnival yesterday. It didn't twist the knife like B&I, but not everything should. ;) I don't think I'm smart enough to actually review it, though.

Re: Better for 12?

If every book had a horrible ending, you'd all be on to me pretty quick, wouldn't you now? *g*

Besides, iway amway icksay ofway igbay aygay agictray endingsway. *g*

Re: Better for 12?

And also, I totally blame you for this pirates-on-airships thing I'm vomiting into Word while at work. :p

Re: Better for 12?


I won't tell.

Seriously, though, there's this thing in literature and film where every relationship between characters of the same sex MUST END HORRIBLY.

I'm so not having any.

Well, okay, no, my queer characters aren't any safer from horrible death than my straight characters. But I refuse to manipulate the world so I can have a Big Gay Tragedy. They're cheap.

(Tragedy is fine. Character deaths in a noble purpose are fine. The Big Gay Tragedy requires that one of the characters die pointlessly, usually either from being assaulted or from some Hideous Disease. And the death has to be related to his/her Gayness.)

Re: Better for 12?

A dear loved one was ranting about this very subject to me today, pulling DVD after DVD off the shelf to prove her point about no positive messages for gay, lesbian, bi, or poly people in Hollywood. "Dies...Turns straight again...stays with abusive husband...dies...leaves family..."

Please, keep up the awesome work, and thank you for not caving to the Big Gay Tragedy paradigm.

Re: Better for 12?

I've just read 'Carneval' and I love the ending. It's just classic: it doesn't matter that the lovers are gay (actually, I don't think that the lovers being gay is important, at least to me: they are interesting people in their own right first and foremost, imho), it has that 'Romeo and Juliet only done right' feel that I really like. A bit like in 'Much Ado' - there's that point when Beatrice tells Benedick, "Kill Claudio!" and the whole amusing world rocks on its axis (which is my favourite bit in all Shakespeare's plays): but in the end in 'Carneval' we don't have R & J or 'Hamlet', though the possibility is there: we have Hero and Claudio, and Happy Ever After - perhaps.

I like that very much.

Re: Better for 12?

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

And I think you're right. I'm a fan of Benedick and Beatrice. *g*
Perhaps 12 should be:

12. Sam Jackson sez" Get these motherf'ing bats off my motherf'ing space ship!"...?

That would spice it up a bit!

Yep, make a joke, and all the internets will nearly get it....
I love the title "the beat of parasite wings." Now I REALLY want to read this book.

Do you ever find that you have to keep putting more and more books on mental reserve "to be written"? That's what I have to keep doing. I'm in the middle of Chapter 6 of one book, but I've got at least three more that are clamoring for attention. And I can't write four books at once. Well, at least I don't think I can. I want to write them all, but I want to write them all well, too.
I have a list of about eleven short fiction projects and about twelve novels I plan to write.

The bad news is that the novels are all fantasy, which means that I have to write SF books in between them to balance off my publisher commitments, so it will take even longer.

The good news is, the longer they stew, the better they taste.
The good news is, the longer they stew, the better they taste.

Thank you! That's very reassuring, actually.

Eleven short fiction projects and twelve novels? My God.
Where'd Scott vanish off to, anywho?
No clue.
Maybe he's in disguise *g*
16 is my favorite!

Very post modern!


Brni moves quietly down the stairs, listening for telltale sounds, checking behind the water heater. Nope, not in the laundry room. With a bit of trepidation (not wanting to spook the bear), he flicks on the lights in the other room. No. Unless... wait, there! Behind the drum set...
Your subject line...that's from Bravado by Rush. Am I correct? My favorite of their songs!!
of course it is. *g* It's one of the nausea rotation songs for this book.