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I am not a futurist.

But I am increasingly of the belief that in two hundred years, the current health care system will be held up historically alongside shirtwaist sweatshops, feudal patronage systems, trial by torture, and colonialism as one of the great historical abuses of human rights. This appears to be research rather worth doing; what the outcome will be I am not prepared to speculate.

But it's hard to get corporate funding for anything that will inevitably cut their profits, yo.

(I wonder how much we could cheapen the cost of healthcare by taking medical malpractice out of the civil courts and treating it as a criminal offense, prosecuted by state employees who don't make any big bonuses out of winning. Remove the profit motive.... You'd need some sort of working disability support system for victims and their families for that to work, of course....)

These are so neat. I am so totally using those in Pinion.

3,602 words last night and this morning (I figure my workday from noon to noon. Hey, it works for me.). A banner day. And I even know what the next scene is. And I am on page 206, which means I have a little more than 50K done, and things are still interesting and enjoyable. There is something to be said for utter self-indulgence. 

The stakes are established. The setup is done. I am halfway done with the book. And the protagonists have finally had a dull moment to sit down and talk. And, as a direct result, they have found the plot. Yay, plot!

I think I'm revising my goal estimate for this one to 100,000 words. We'll see how it goes.

426.3 miles to Rivendell. Guess I should saddle up, find a paperback, go hit the gym and get a little closer.
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